About us

Genius Translations offers its top-quality translation services to businesses, professionals, and individuals. We connect the world through language pairings and cultural awareness.

One Simple Mission – Promote Client Success through Top Translations

Genius Translations is committed to providing the highest quality translation and localization services for any client with any specific need. Our goal is to guarantee accurate translations, performed by humans with the language and field/topic expertise to promote client success.

The Genius Translations Team

The Genius Translations team consists of a host of professionals:

  • Company executives and administrators that manage all operations.
  • Professional customer and technical support managers that rapidly respond to client questions and issues.
  • Human translators, editors, and QA specialists ensuring the quality and accuracy of every piece of translation produced and delivered to a client.

We are a certified translation agency, meaning that when certification is required for a client's need, we have the translators with the appropriate licenses/certifications.
Our translators are natives of over 100 countries and more than 50 languages. This allows us to offer a host of translation pairings, all conducted by humans with both language and topic/field expertise. Native-speaking translators are critical, not just for accuracy but for perfect localization as well.

Genius Translation’s Commitment to Its Clients

  • Every client will receive customized translation services according to their individual needs.
  • We serve businesses, professionals, and individuals.
  • We provide translations for all business needs (contracts, manuals, certified documents for doing business in a foreign country, and more).
  • We provide translations for professionals in legal, medical, financial, academic fields.
  • We provide translations and localization for businesses seeking to expand their markets into foreign markets – websites, blogs, social media, marketing, and advertising.
  • We provide technical translation and localization to individuals/businesses for apps, gaming, entertainment, and other needs.

What’s more, we are available 24/7 for project submissions and serve even urgent deadlines.

Professional Translator Careers with Genius Translations

We are always seeking translators to join our team. But we have high standards for translation and field/topic expertise.
We want native-speaking translators with a history of successful translation and localization expertise. They must have backgrounds in at least one field and topic area for which we offer translation. 
We are looking for translators, editors, and proofreaders who can meet our standards for quality and quality control.
If you believe that you can meet our high standards, we welcome your application to join our team. We have permanent translators as employees, and we have a large team of freelancers to whom we assign projects based on their expertise. 
Our working environment is supportive, relaxed, and collaborative. You may work from anywhere, so long as you provide the high quality that we demand.
If you believe that you are a match for our mission, contact us, and let’s begin the process of discovering if we are a “match.

Core values


Effective Communication


Positive Customer Result


Collaboration and Teamwork


Being a company that thrives for perfection, we hunt creative, smart people who are into translation and working in the various spheres. We need all of it - general translators, editors and those who only work within the narrow and specific spheres. Thus, we try to meet the needs of all the clients.

Good editiors have always been in demand. Many offer excellent working conditions as the demand for proofreaders and editors is high.

Hunting for the top translators and editors, we might miss some extra-ordinary experts. If you feel like you are the one to join the team – feel free to contact us.

We provide friendly and relaxed environment for the team. Whatever atmosphere you need for working is what you get. No strict working schedule. If you work nights or prefer to concentrate at home, in the park, that’s no problem with us. As long as you provide quality product at the end of your work - we would be glad to provide all you need.

We are proud to have the team of over 30 experts in translation and editing on staff and about 200 experts on the freelance. The team stays with us from the very beginning, but there's always a room for more. Again, contact us if you are interested in cooperation.

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