General Questions

What types of translation services does Genius Translations offer?

We offer almost anything you want – translation, legal and government documents, contracts, manuals, subtitling and voice-overs, website and related content, localization of apps, games, and more. Further, as previously stated, we provide certified documents and projects when required.

What languages and pairing do you offer?

We provide translations in over 50 languages and continue to add more all of the time. In terms of pairings, we offer all the most common, plus some unique ones. Check the link on our website to view the full list.

Can I get certified translations?

Absolutely. When you place your order, let us know that you need certification and to which organization or legal authority you will be submitting it. We will also need copies of the documents you need to be certified (e.g., transcripts, immigration papers, birth certificate, etc.). You should send them digitally. 
NOTE: We have a large team of translators who hold various certifications, such as those awarded from the ATA or BDU. If you need a specific certification for a document or project, simply let us know.

Are you large enough to cover any industry sector?

Yes, we are. We work in all sectors – business, professional, and individual. Whether a client needs translation/localization of a website, an app, or a game; whether a business needs a certified contract, an HR or safety manual, incorporation or financial documents, or a professional or individual needs journal or research translation or a certified document. We have individuals and teams of translators who can take on any order in the languages we offer.

What if I have problems using your site?

You should call our customer support department. Any of our agents can help you with your order form and the submission process, and we are there 24/7/365. If it is a technical issue, your agent will transfer you over to a technician.

What is the cost for getting a translation?

We don’t have a set price-per-word or document type. Your cost will depend on several factors: the type of translation requested, the complexity of the project, your deadline. Normally, you submit your order, and we calculate the price as you move along. If you want a quote upfront before you start your order, just contact the customer support department for an estimate.

Questions that may appear before placing the order

How soon can work on my order begin, and how soon will it be finished?

Work begins as soon as you complete the payment process. We assign the individual or team that is right for the project. Because our translators are always “on call,” we find those translators quickly. Your translator is made aware of your deadline and will not take on a project they cannot complete on time. If you wish, for larger, complex projects you can receive progressive deliveries in smaller pieces, as they are completed.

What types of formats do you use?

In short, all formats. When you submit a piece for translation, we will use the same format for the translation unless you direct us otherwise. You are welcome to submit your piece in one format and request your translation in a different one. We handle all formats.

Who will see the documents or files I submit?

We are committed to confidentiality. Only the selected translator and quality control editor will have access to your uploads. Once your order is completed, and you have approved it, we wipe all of your files and documents from our system.

What if I have special instructions or requests?

These should be included in your order form. However, if there are further requests or instructions that you need to add later, you only need to communicate those to us and/or your writer. Any instructions you provide must be as clear as possible.

I only need partial translation of a document – can you do this?

Yes, we can. It is best if you contact our customer support department and explain this. They will provide you with instructions about how to place this type of order. Submitting the document, be very clear about which portion you want to be translated.

Why should I use a reputable, professional translation service?

You can certainly choose freelancers or lesser-known/cheaper translation services. But you will get exactly what you have bargained for. When you choose a professional translation service with a solid reputation and a history of top quality, you will use an agency with a large team of native-speaking human translators who are experts in the fields, for which they provide a translation. Whether you need a simple document or a complex, lengthy translation project, you will always receive the most suitable translator.


How are my translators chosen, and where do they come from?

Genius Translations has a large network of translators situated all over the globe. When you select a language pairing (e.g., English to Korean) and provide the details of your project, we immediately access our database and pull up native-speaking Korean translators. They also have excellent English skills and backgrounds in the topic field of your translation. If you need certification, the list is narrowed a bit more. We reach out to those who are qualified and locate one who can begin immediately.

Quality Questions

What should I do to make sure the whole process goes smoothly?

You do have some responsibilities here:

  • Provide as much detail as possible in the ordering process. This will prevent our having to contact you back to get clarification.
  • Upload your files and documents quickly – with your order form is ideal.
  • Stay in contact with your translator – you may receive messages asking for clarification. The faster you respond, the faster your translator can keep working.
  • Review every draft quickly, and approve or ask for revisions.
  • Contact the customer support department as soon as you have an issue or a question.


What if I am unhappy with what I receive?

There are a couple of options here:

  • The first step is to ask for the changes you want to be made. Your translator will get right on those because we don’t provide final payment to them until you are happy.
  • If you are still not happy after the revision, you can request a new translator at no cost.

Rarely does this all happen because each translated piece is reviewed by a second translator before it is delivered to a client.


How do you guarantee quality?

We have a process that is almost unique to our agency. Once a translator has completed a project, that piece is then sent to another native-speaking expert for editing and proofreading. This supplies an extra layer of quality control that you will not normally find elsewhere.

How do I know you are as good as you claim?

Our reputation within the industry is excellent. We have built our business on customer satisfaction above all else. And this is why such a high percentage of our clients return whenever they have the need. Our translators are all native-speaking, and we only use human translations, while other companies use machines. What’s more, we keep our customers updated throughout the order fulfillment process. If there is any reason for dissatisfaction, we will revise until a client is fully happy with the product. You can certainly read our customer reviews, either on our website or on web-based review sites.

Rates and Payments

How do I make payment? And is my financial information secure?

You will see the methods of payment as you are ready to make payment. We accept all major credit cards. When you start the payment process, you are transferred over to an SSL-certified payment processor, the same one used by major online retailers. They take your card information and process the payment. Your card information is never submitted to our site, and we do not store any financial information of a client. 

NOTE: Your personal information is stored in our system, but it is encrypted and held behind the latest firewall technology.