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Check out the variety of expertise where proofreading can be applied. Both strict and formal writing as well as creative pieces of work can be proofread and perfected. Just ask our team for help!

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Proofreading Services From Genius Translation

The importance of proofreading materials that have been interpreted, translated, or localized should not be minimized.

When errors occur in translation, the risk isn’t only that the translation will be inaccurate, it is that it could be potentially offensive or misleading. Not only that but a mistake could result in incorrect instructions or the distribution of false information. There could be serious consequences, even physical harm, as a result of this. Mistranslations can also result in changed meanings or poor or unprofessional phrasing. Grammar and mechanical errors can also be an issue.

It can be easy to imagine how an error in translation could be tragic if it relates to engineering specifications, instructions relating to medications, or legal advice. Of course, even a poorly translated business or personal document can cause delays, inconvenience, or even result in financial loss.

Genius Translation Proofreading And Translation

In order to provide the highest in quality translation services, we have made connections with translators who have completed their advanced degrees and obtain professional certifications. We only provide translators with work that they have a proven ability to complete successfully. This means only assigning translators to projects where they will have a full understanding of language usage and style.
Our goal is to ensure that every translation is not only technically accurate, but that it retains any intended emotion, messaging, and inflection. This means properly translating slang, colloquialisms, and other language elements. It also means properly translating regional dialects and phrasing.
In order to accomplish this, we include proofreading as part of our standard translation services. This means that once the translator has finished their work, our quality assurance team follows behind and proofreads the document using a qualified proofreader. We use two different individuals to translate and proofread as it is often difficult for people to notice their own errors.

In the event that a customer has an item that has already been translated, we are happy to proofread those documents. In fact, we are usually able to perform this service quite quickly and to meet tight deadlines.

Who Provides Genius Translation Proofreading Services?

We have slightly different qualifications for our proofreaders than our translators. While being a native speaker and having a college degree is sufficient to translate documents for our clients, our proofreaders must have a degree specifically in the language itself. We have found that having college level academic expertise in a language ensures that our proofreaders can find and correct errors relating to usage, tenses, grammar, structure, and mechanics.

In addition to this, we believe that there are certain industries where specific expertise is required. Because of this, proofreaders must have industry specific experience if they are to proofread documents pertaining to fields such as medicine, engineering, law, or information technology. This is due to several factors including the need to properly translate professional terms, and the increased risk of personal, financial, and societal consequences should an error go unnoticed.

The Importance of Proofreading

Although it may not be earth shattering, most of us have experienced the frustration of attempting to assemble an item manufactured in a foreign country when the instructions were confusing or misleading. This is often due to the fact that the instructions were poorly translated and proofread. Companies who use quality translation and proofreading services can avoid this problem altogether.

Why Risk it?

A translated document that has not been proofread could be full of harmful errors. Allow us to provide this service to you and feel confident knowing that your document is completely accurate.