Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy is provided to anyone accessing our website. We want everyone to understand how we use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to do two things – improve and streamline user experiences on our website and to make improvements to the site itself. We urge you to review this policy carefully because all of its provisions apply to you. As well, using our website means that you understand and agree to all of these provisions.

Defining Cookies and Other Technologies

Cookies are tiny files that are embedded into both a user’s device and browser when they access the Genius Translations website. These files allow our website to recognize a user when they return. Although there is no personal information about that user unless they have volunteered it to make use of our resources or to become a customer.

Several types of cookies should be explained:

  • Session Cookies: These are placed in browsers and on devices only for the duration of an individual presence on our site. They are permanently deleted.
  • Persistent Cookies: These are permanent and remain on a user’s device unless and until the user deletes them through his browser instructions. These “remember” a user’s behavior on our site so that, when that user returns, they will have a better experience.
  • Third-Party Cookies: There are third parties with a presence on our website or who provide certain services to us. They also use cookies in the course of their services - both session and persistent, depending upon the provided service.

Web Beacons act in much the same way as cookies, except that they are tiny graphic images that work with cookies to identify returning users and their behavior on our website.

Other Technologies may be in use, operating primarily in browsers. They don’t store any information permanently, nor are they ever used by us to present advertising to you.

Explaining the Functions and Purposes of Cookies, Beacons, and Other Technologies

Our use of cookies, beacons, and other technologies are for the following purposes:

  • They allow our site to function properly so that users have the best experience possible. They also allow us to present resources and advertisements that your previous behavior has indicated will be of interest.
  • They allow us to improve our website. When we track how many visits we get, where visitors go on our site, where they spend the most and least time, we have the data to evaluate our site’s performance. All of this data is anonymous and never identifies a visitor or user.
  • They can identify unusual behavior on our site that might point to attempted security breaches or fraud. This is especially important to protect legitimate users.
  • Track user response to content and advertisements that we present based upon their behaviors. The content and advertisements that we present are from both first-party (our) or third parties with a presence on our site. Cookies will determine if what is being offered is truly valuable.

Note: None of our cookies or other technologies collect personal information on a user unless that user consents to that collection. If a user has consented to our collection of personal information, they may withdraw that consent at any time and request that their information be deleted from our system.

Note: Upon entry to the Genius Translations website visitors and users will be informed that we use cookies. They have the option at that point to accept or block them. However, it is important to point out that if cookies are blocked, many of our website functions will not operate well, and there will be features that cannot be accessed.

Permanent Deletion of Cookies

Permanent cookies stay on your device and your browser. At any time, you can delete these permanently as well. Your browser will provide instructions for doing this. We strongly urge our users to consider the consequences of this. Once all cookies are deleted, our website will not function properly. Reaccessing our site will mean that the user begins all over again and must accept cookies upon entry for our site to function properly.

Security for Our Users

We have the latest technologies in place that will prevent unauthorized outsiders from accessing our cookies. So, if a user has provided personal information via our site cookies, that information is safe.

Service Providers’ Placement of Cookies on Your Device

We do contract with several service providers. Examples of these providers are as follows:

  • A service provider collects the anonymous and aggregate data that we use to improve user experiences on our website and make modifications to our site for improved performance.
  • Email service providers manage and track our email lists and performance.

We authorize these third-party providers to place cookies on your device and in your browser. They only have access to personally-identifying information (e.g., email address) to perform their services.

Service providers are legally bound by our Terms and Conditions Agreement and are thus prohibited from using any visitor, user, or customer information for any purposes other than providing their services. Further, they are prohibited from sharing any personal information with any other parties. They are also bound by the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Any violations will result in legal action against them.

Linking to Third-Party Sites

When a visitor, user, or customer links to a third-party site from the Genius Translations website, that a third party will also have cookies in place and will use them. Again, anyone accessing a third-party site will have the option to accept or block those cookies. Visitors, users, and customers are hereby notified that once they leave our website, our policies no longer apply. They access these sites, taking full responsibility for any risks involved.