Privacy Policy

Here at Genius Translations, we are proudly committed to protecting the personal information that we receive from our visitors, users, and clients. Whenever anyone comes to our website, there are types of information we do collect, based upon their status. This policy is meant to explain the types of information we collect and how we protect any personal information or other documents/files that clients may submit to us. 
We urge all those who access our site to review this Privacy Policy. Once they become users or clients, this policy is automatically in effect, if they should make any use of our resources or purchase products or services from our company.
That said, we are here to explain the information/data we collect on visitors, users, and customers as they access and use our website.

Types of Information That We Collect

Here at Genius Translations, there are two kinds of information that we collect while our users visit our website.
1. Anonymous Information: This information includes the number of visits that have been made to our site, as well as the pages that are visited, the amount of time that is spent on each page, as well as the browsers that are used to access our site. Because of the nature of this information, we can assure that no personal information of any individual is gathered by the tracking for this type of information. This information is used to analyze our website to make necessary improvements when they are needed. No personally-identifying information is ever gathered during the collection or use of this data.
2. Personally-Identifying Information: When customers take the time to visit our site, they may choose to make use of some of our resources. To do that, they will have to provide some identifying information, usually name and email address. 
When a visitor or user chooses to place an order for any of the services we offer, they immediately become a client. To serve them as a client, we need to request the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Company Name and Address (This information will only be requested if the customer is ordering services on behalf of an organization)

How Genius Translation Protects Personal Information

Once any user or visitor has voluntarily provided personal information, that information is afforded the highest level of security technology that is currently available. These are the same protections that are in place and used by all reputable web-based retailers.

How Genius Translation Uses Personal Information

The personal information we hold is used solely for communication with those who have provided it and, on an as needs basis, to approved third parties that provide services to us. Such an example may be an email service provider. These third parties receive only that amount of information necessary to perform their duties. 
Any third-party affiliate or contractor with access to any user or client personal information is legally bound by our Terms and Conditions Agreement and are expressly prohibited from using personal information for other purposes or to share that information with any other party. Violation will lead to legal charges.
By the same token, Genius Translation never shares, distributes, or in any other way provides personal information to third parties that are not affiliates or approved contractors.

Ownership of Personal Information

Anyone who provides personal information to Genius Translations owns that information. At any time, they may request that their information to be removed from our system, and we shall comply.

How Genius Translations Protects Financial Information

Genius Translations does not collect or store customer financial information. Once a customer orders a product or service and submits payment via our approved methods, that payment is automatically transferred to a third-party payment processor. This is a reputable SSL-certified processor that is used by major web-based retailers. It has the top security systems in place to protect consumer financial information. 
There are times when a banking institution may request identity verification of a customer who wishes to submit payment. In these instances, we will cooperate with the institution and request such verification from the customer. We will inform the customer of the required verification document(s) and how they may be submitted to us. The customer must submit these documents quickly so that work may not be delayed.

Use of Cookies

Genius Translations does use cookies, and anyone accessing the company website is informed of this upon entry. We do not use cookies to personally identify any visitor or user. For a complete explanation of our use of cookies, we refer everyone to our Cookie Policy.

Linking to third-Party Sites

We do house third-party resources on our website. These are present because we believe they may offer resources that our users and customers may find valuable. That said, anyone linking to a third-party site from our website understands that our privacy protections will not be in effect. Anyone linking to a third-party site from our site does so at their own risk, and it is their responsibility to review the Privacy Policies of those sites.

Recording of Telephone Calls

When communication between users or customers is conducted by telephone, we do record those conversations, for both record-keeping and quality control and training of our agents. These recordings are securely stored within our system and are only available to administrators on an as-needs basis.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, we will make changes to this Privacy Policy, usually as a result of changes in existing privacy laws and regulations. When such changes are made, we will notify users and clients as we are able. As well, we shall publish notification of these changes on our website. It is the responsibility of any user and client to make themselves aware of such changes. They go into effect upon publication.