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We offer a wide range of translation services to our clients. Check them out on this page and choose the one you need.

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Professional Translation Services by GeniusTranslation

As our team of trained experts offers professional translation services, we aim for the best quality possible, implementing human translation methods. Online services on offer range from certified technical assistance for business owners, educators, healthcare, specialists, law firms, and the movie industry among others. If you require assistance with expertise or proofreading of an already existing document, approach professional language services 24/7. 

Once you are ready to place your order with us, things have never been easier! Hiring a translation only takes filling in a simple order form or getting in touch with our customer agents. To receive the best professional language translation services, it is recommended to share your documents with some notes, discuss your deadline, negotiate the price, document specifics, or any other important details. Your request will always be delivered on time, considering all editing and formatting rules. Our linguists have years of experience. They are ready to guide you through any request, voice-over, or localization work in more than 50 languages.

Reasons to Use Professional Online Language Translation Services

Even if you know some language well enough to talk to a foreign speaker or understand everything that is being said during a business conference, it is still insufficient for most linguistic scenarios. When you must translate travel documents or real estate contracts, it requires certified translation online since such documents hold legal power. Every professional translation company must show a list of relevant language certificates for each case ranging from medical translation to food processing or engineering manuals. In our opinion, it plays a critical role as your request is analyzed. 

Offering human-translation method, it includes:

  • Analysis of uploaded document type before matching you with a language expert who has required expertise in a relevant field.
  • A detailed discussion of all specific terms like formatting, additional requirements, glossary, or special expert commentary reports.
  • Complete control of each workflow stage.
  • Final proofreading with the editing of an outcome. We check each paragraph twice to ensure that everything is correct.

When you are dealing with localization services, it may take additional stages like discussing things with website designers or coders. Our team always evaluates approximate costs and resources necessary for the achievement of the best results.

Accurate Human Translation Services in Any Language

Our top priority is keeping things accurate, which is only possible when one implements a human translation approach. Our customer desk agents are trained to resolve the most common issues as you ask questions and determine what would be the most suitable method for a particular case. The primary element of our success is avoiding machine tools. It means that we focus on all socio-cultural points or things like language dialects to match every critical detail. 

We do use Translation Memory (TM) tools to complete some elements faster, yet our human translator service always verifies the outcome and adjusts it accordingly. As each text is checked by native experts, it guarantees high readability and style standards. These are individuals with due experience and expertise in specific fields or industries. Since our linguists are located all over the world, it helps us represent different countries by keeping up-to-date with business, marketing, and culture peculiarities.

Remember that even though AI-powered tools have advanced lately, it is a human skill only that guarantees high accuracy. It also relates to localization that needs specific professional human translation, as it’s focusing on all cultural factors. At GeniusTranslations, we do not just focus on words alone but analyze language's context, tone of voice, or a necessity to keep marketing aspects customized. Representing a team of like-minded experts as an agency, we work hard to make you satisfied.

Benefits of Our Language Translation Services

Choosing a professional translation agency means a necessity to discuss initial content in advance to handle every deadline and make each part of the process accurate and smooth. You will not encounter unpleasant surprises or feel stressed as we provide you with various benefits. Our experience has helped us to organize everything in the best way possible. When you place an order, you also receive:
- Timely Delivery. Your orders will be completed on time. Even urgent requests can be handled by our employees without quality deterioration. For this purpose, one may consider our “fast translation” feature.

- Affordable Prices. We keep our prices low enough to keep within competition and quality standards. Offering human translations that start from $0.5 per word (depending on content type), we aim for accuracy. If you ask for analysis in some industry or additional services, we shall always negotiate things, helping you see what you pay for.

- Certification Standards. Our online translation agency has high certification standards that include ATA, BDÜ, APTS, ITIA, and NAJIT certificates among others.

- Clear Ordering Procedure. Fill in our ordering form, attach your files with instructions and let us guide you through the rest.

Who is My Translation Service Provider

Stating that we offer professional linguistic services, we speak of our main asset - the company’s language specialists. They are skilled individuals with verified academic qualifications and experience in various fields. Our application process is quite challenging, which means that our employees represent only the best experts. It always takes time and testing before anyone at GeniusTranslations is allowed to start working. If you need consulting, specific assistance, or something that is not available anywhere else, the chances are high that we can provide you with it. Starting from quick translation services to blog localization or movie subtitles, we have the right people for the job. We are also available 24/7.

Our team members can handle anything from wedding certificates to travel documents or business agreements. Our professional service also provides technical assistance by keeping in touch with native speakers who are practicing engineers, healthcare consultants, movie directors, lawyers, MBA educators, psychologists, entertainment specialists, and more. As they consult our experts, they provide specific knowledge and proofread relevant documents confidentially to achieve the highest quality levels.

Can I Order Certified Documents

Absolutely. Our professional translation service belongs to the largest online agencies that focus on certified language assistance. Our experts are dealing with documents for travel purposes, education, immigration, financial contracts, or legal disputes daily. Regardless of your needs, we are ready to assist you with formatting and specific style as issued by a foreign institution. We follow each standard for your target country and check aspects like spelling, phone numbers, or addresses manually. It guarantees that nothing is missed.

Our clients are always coming back because we have available specialists, friendly customer service, human translation, competitive prices, and professional editing. We are a team of responsible individuals who will never let you down as we always discuss things first. Aiming for accuracy and readability, we know how important it is to deliver documents on time and offer certified work.

Since many countries these days require urgent immunization cards, our fast translation services also include certified guidance. Just share your information with our customer support and mention that you need to get things done fast. We shall do our best to provide you with some spare time for manual checking purposes. When in doubt, our experts will contact foreign officials to ensure that we meet every current requirement or a specific legal point.

Document Types We Can Help You With

Formatting plays an important role for documents that hold official power. Our translation service agency supports all types of documents, yet we also work with interpreting services, subtitles, voice-overs, video and audio transcriptions, and many other language requests. When you need a legal paper or localization guidance, we shall provide you with all required documents and notes that may help you to use them for reference purposes. 

The same relates to web pages, creation of mobile apps, software development, or translation of literary works. We check in advance for the presence of existing standards before any work starts because many technical manuals and academic papers require specific writing rules. No matter what help one might need, dedicated professional online translation services will find a specialist to meet your needs.

Are Online Human Translation Services Reliable?

Confidentiality is our top priority. When you share your precious documents or legal agreements, it is essential to keep things safe. Our Privacy Policy rules list the protection of your customer rights according to international legislation. When we require additional consulting, no data is ever shared with other companies as each native speaker employed is a part of our team.

We value your privacy and will tell you about concerning aspects if any are present. Dealing with things like localization of video games and highly competitive marketing campaigns, assigned specialists also provide certification documents. Professional translation online also involves cases when a customer may be accompanied by an affidavit. It guarantees accuracy and an additional layer of legal safety.

Why Choose GeniusTransations

The most important aspect that makes our company stand out is the presence of certification for every document type. As you contact us, you receive affordability, expert quality, timely delivery, and accuracy. We process every request manually and offer online human translation services that include post-checking and proofreading by a native speaker. Working with over 50 languages, we constantly polish linguistic skills by challenging ourselves with all types of work.

Another important factor that helps us achieve success is letting you control every stage of work, which helps to address every issue that may occur without typical delays. Trusting us with your order, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. No task is too complex for us, as we are committed to quality and responsibility.

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