Terms of Use

We’ve included the following list to provide some clarification regarding some of the words and phrases used in this document. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of terms.

Client/Customer: Any entity that has requested or received services from Genius Translations.
Services: A general term referring to translation, interpretation, localization, transcription, editing, or other work offered by independent contractors or staff members as contracted through Genius Translations.
Project: The totality of work and the description of that work to be completed under one order.
Fees: Any and all costs to be paid by the customer that are associated with the completion of a project. These are based on one or more of the following:  Pricing structure, hourly rates, previously agreed-upon price of services. Pricing structures are subject to change.
Source Materials: Documents, videos, audio recordings, and other materials provided to Genius Translations or their associates by the client.
Company/Firm/Us/We: These words and other similar terms are used throughout this document, Genius Translations website, social media pages, contracts, etc. to indicate the business entity ‘Genius Translations’ or authorized agents and spokespersons.
Contract: A binding agreement that describes the services to be provided, price, and other conditions.
Independent Contractor: Any person or business entity that provides services to customers of Genius Translations. Independent contractors work with authorization and under the guidance of Genius Translations.
Completed Project: Finished works to be provided to the customer when a project is finished.
Website: GeniusTranslations.com and any pages within that domain.

Implicit Acceptance Of Terms And Conditions

Genius Translations is not obligated to obtain explicit acceptance of these terms and conditions. Instead, the agreement is implicit and applies to anyone who engages with Genius Translations, independent contractors, or websites for any purpose. This includes ordering services, gathering information, or engaging with any individual or business affiliated with the company. Those who do not wish to be obligated by these terms and conditions are advised to stop using the website or engaging with Genius Translations.

General Information About Genius Translations

Genius Translations is a full-service translation agency. They match clients with translators who operate as independent contractors. Any person who uses this website for any reason to include purchasing products and services, gathering information, competitive research, price comparisons, engaging in communication, or any other purpose not listed agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations, and obligations detailed within these terms of use. That includes an agreement to read this document completely from beginning to end and understand its contents. Visitors further agree to review this document frequently for changes. Lack of familiarity or understanding of our terms and conditions does not excuse any customer or visitor from their obligations to abide by our terms.

Customer And Visitor Obligations

You agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. This agreement includes your use of this website and our services in any manner. You further agree that where any contradiction or lack of information exists, this document supersedes any others regarding Genius Translations policies.

As a customer or visitor, you hold the following to be true and agree to comply with these directives:

  • The client retains full rights to any source materials they provide to the company for translation or any other services. Additionally, they affirm that they have full ownership or use authority to that material, and they are not committing any copyright or intellectual property violations against any other person or entity.
  • The client will not electronically submit or otherwise deliver any materials to the company that could harm or interfere with its networks, website, data, or other systems. This includes worms, viruses, trojan horses, or any other malware. They also agree that they will not use email, website functions, or other communications for any of the harmful purposes mentioned above.
  • They meet all requirements, including legal obligations, as outlined in this document.
  • The client will not hold the company liable in any manner as it relates to costs, legal expenses, losses, or other damages that are realized directly or indirectly when they are the result of the client’s failure to abide by these terms and conditions or their misrepresentations.

Submitting Requests For Services

Any client who submits an order for any services offered by the company, and are submitting source materials to us, agree to the following terms and conditions:

First, no contractual obligations exist until the details of the project have been agreed upon, payment is made, and the client accepts all terms and conditions. The contract is concluded when the order is submitted payment is made, and the customer implicitly accepts the terms and conditions.

Genius translations reserves the right to decline any project request or to refuse to offer services to the client without fear of legal or other repercussions. This refusal is entirely up to the company's discretion. It may be done without reviewing any source materials provided. Refusals may be based on concerns related to cultural insensitivity, offensiveness, obscenity, legality, or other concerns. Work requests may also be refused if the company is concerned for any other reason.

Policy On Illegal Materials and Activities

The company will never intentionally help any individual or entity commit or participate in activities that are illegal in any way. This includes the possession or distribution of illegal materials. If we are provided with any source materials that contain images, videos, messages, emails, text, audio files, or any other content that we believe contains illegal activity, we will forward that information to law enforcement authorities. Further, we will cooperate as requested by any investigating agency.

Rendering Services

The company will begin work on services ordered after receiving full payment of all fees and costs that the client is contractually obligated to pay. These services will include and be limited to those that have been outlined in the contract or work order. Work is done according to our established policies and best practices.

As part of their obligations, clients agree to provide all information requested by the company. Further, they agree that all information they provide will be accurate and complete.
Once all information is received, work on the project will begin. If the information received causes changes to be made to the original contract, the company and client will discuss those changes. Then, the contract will be amended accordingly. At that point, arrangements will be made for additional payment or refund of fees as required by the changes made.
For most translation projects, the cost is calculated based on word count. If there are exceptions to that, this will be detailed in the work order or contract.
In order to meet clients’ needs, and stay within their budget requirements, we offer tiered service levels. Clients May select the service level that they believe is appropriate for their needs. Genius Translations will then select an independent contractor who is capable of providing services at that tier. However, the client bears full responsibility for the service here they select. Neither the company nor any independent contractor working with us has any obligation or responsibility as it relates to the customer's choice of service tier.
If during the execution of the project it appears as if the word count will increase or the nature of the work being done will change in any meaningful way, neither the company nor the independent contractor is obligated to complete the work under the original terms. Instead, they will provide a new cost estimate to the client, and may also implement an extended deadline. If the client does not wish to agree to the new terms, they may request a refund. However, payment will be expected or held for any work completed.
Please be aware that requests made on Sundays may not be processed until the following business day. This is due to our limited scheduling and staffing on that day. Clients will be contacted about their orders as soon as reasonably possible on Monday or the next business day.
Unless these services are specifically ordered, Genius Translations or their independent contractors are not responsible for proofreading, editing, fact-checking, or otherwise ensuring that source materials are free from error. Neither the company nor independent contractors are responsible for any problems with translated materials that are the result of errors in the source material.
The company will provide deliverables when work has been completed, and all payments have been received. The company and client will agree upon the delivery method for the completed materials, or delivery will be made according to the contract. Every reasonable effort will be made to deliver completed materials on time. However, the company does not accept any liability for late or delayed materials.

Fees And Payments

The client is responsible for paying all costs related to their order. Payment is expected prior to services being rendered unless prior arrangements have been made. All costs are detailed in the contract or work order unless otherwise specified.
Payments must be made in full to be accepted. Applicable taxes and fees will be added to the total costs.
There may be instances where the customer is asked to pay a deposit. If a credit or debit card is used, a third-party payment processor will hold the card information. After the work is complete, the card will be charged with the amount of the deposit deducted from it. Clients may not withhold payments or make deductions for any reason.


Our goal and the goal of our associates is to provide accurate translations and to ensure that all orders are delivered within the deadline established. We use human translators and have a proprietary quality assurance system to review and edit all work. Because of this, it is very rare to have a client who is not satisfied with the final product.

However, there are times when we may receive a request for revisions from a customer. If a revision request is received within 14 calendar days for basic orders or 30 calendar days for orders with more than 10k words or orders at the professional or premium level, we may accept that request. However, the request must be submitted in writing to our support email or through the client’s personal account. Further, a document should be provided that highlights the mistakes and corrections needed. 

We will require clients to create a new order if the revision adds additional work items that were not included in the original order. However, if the new items are reasonably simple, we encourage clients to contact customer support. These changes may be able to be completed at our lower proofreading rates.

Any revision that results from an error or omission on our end will be completed free of charge. If they are the result of changes or additions, these will generally be charged.

Money-Back Policy

Any customer who places an order using the basic package has 14 calendar days to review completed projects. Those ordering professional or premium packages have 30 calendar days. If no action is taken within the given time frame, it is assumed that the completed work was acceptable. The project will be marked as approved, and the translator will receive their payment.

However, if there are issues, a refund request may be submitted. These must be received in writing with a detailed reason as to why the refund is being requested. We will also need documentation regarding instructions, target audience, and other materials.

Once the refund request is made, a team from the company will conduct a quality audit on the work completed. They will then decide if a refund is due and how much money should be returned to the customer. Refunds are only made via the same payment method used to pay for the order.

Intellectual Property Policy

We affirm that all documents, videos, files, audiotapes, or any other items we receive are and remain the property of the clients who submit them. Further, any finished works that are submitted to the client remain their property as well. We make no claims of ownership. Further, we are not liable for any misuse of translated materials that we provide.

All intellectual property owned by the company or our contractors that are used to provide services remains the property of the company. This includes knowledge and processes used.

Copyright Policies

Clients affirm that any materials they provide are either owned by them or that they have been authorized to use. If it becomes clear to us at any point that there is an incident of copyright violations or plagiarism, we will contact the owner of the original source material to inform them of the violation. This will be done so that they may pursue any legal action necessary.

Policy On Confidential Information

Anyone bound by these terms and conditions agrees that they will not disclose any confidential information about another party that they receive as the result of their relationship to the company, its customers, clients, vendors, or other associates. Genius Translations does not disclose personal information about its clients or other associates. This includes any information exchanged to conduct business.

However, there are some exceptions. Information may be shared when both parties consent. Further, we may share information with independent contractors, company executives, and employees as it relates to completing services as contracted. We may also disclose information in our discussion to our legal representatives and other professionals to protect our interests.

Changes And Modifications To This Policy

Genius Translations may make changes to this policy as it sees fit. These changes may be made at any time and without prior notice. All responsibility for being familiar with the contents of this document, including ensuring they have read the most recent version of these terms and conditions, is the client's. Clients and visitors to this site waive any right to make legal claims on the basis that this document was changed without their knowledge.

Use Of Personal Information

To provide services, offer adequate support, and carry out necessary business functions such as billing, we collect and store personally identifying information about our customers. This includes first and last name, user id, contact information, and other data generally kept for operational purposes. We also retained similar information collected from translators who work as independent contractors.

Customer Feedback

Clients will be allowed to contribute feedback to Genius Translations about their experiences with the company. When they do so, they agree that they're granting us a non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license to use that content as we see fit. This includes publishing that content on our website or other online platforms alongside our company name and logo. However, in the interest of protecting client privacy, we will not publish names or other identifying information with any feedback that we post or publish.

Account Cancellation Policy

Anyone with an account at Genius Translations has the right to cancel their account at any time. However, while canceling an account may be done for any reason and without prior notice, it does not relieve the individual of any payment obligations. It also does not guarantee that they will receive refunds or credits for contracts associated with their canceled account.

Additionally, company staff or Representatives have the right to cancel any account or membership at any time. This will only be done if it has been shown that a client or a translation contractor violated one of our policies or used our service to violate the law.

To cancel your account, please notify Us in writing. We will begin the process of closing out your account and deleting it. Please, be aware that it may take time, especially if there are open invoices or other items associated with your customer account.

Use Of Our Website

The company is not responsible for any negative outcomes or consequences that are the direct result of your use of our website or any of the services that we offer. Further, your account exists solely for your use. You are explicitly forbidden from allowing anyone else to use or access your account for any purpose.


Anyone who conducts business of any type with the company agrees that they will not call us liable or responsible for any damage or losses they experience as a result of using our services. This includes any loss of funds, reputational damage, loss of job or employment opportunities, and any other loss or damage not detailed here.

False Or Hateful Information

As part of our company policy in support of social responsibility, we are committed to the well-being of the community at a local, national, and global level. It is for this reason that we have established policies relating to information in the areas of medicine, child healthcare, academics, finance, law, and politics. Our company will never knowingly take on any contract or otherwise aid in the distribution of false or misleading information in the subject areas mentioned above. Translation orders in these subject areas will undergo additional auditing before orders are accepted and after materials are translated.

Dispute Resolution

If a customer submits a dispute within the required deadline for their order, we may agree to revise the work that is in dispute. We may also choose to offer reimbursement based on a comparison to the original translation. However, this is done entirely at our discretion.

Both company and client agree that in the event of a dispute, all parties will exhaust every possible effort to resolve the conflict without resorting to legal resolutions. However, if no resolution is reached in 30 days, then either party may pursue resolution through the courts.

Age Policy

The use of this website and our services is intended for only those who have reached the age of majority according to any laws or ordinances that apply to them. If we find that someone has created an account or otherwise engaged with the company who has not reached the age of majority or is otherwise not legally entitled to do so, we will delete their account and any personally-identifying information.

Force Majeure

The above term refers to any event or incident that the company is not able to control or reduce the impacts of. Please include natural disasters, acts of god, war, transportation failures, strikes, utility failures, riots, the failure of other entities to perform services as agreed, or new laws and regulations.

The company is not in any way legally responsible should they fail to perform contractually, or if there's a delay in the delivery of those services as the result of any event that is beyond its control. If the event in question causes the company to be unable to deliver services for longer than 4 weeks, the company reserves the right to cancel all contracts immediately. All impacted customers will be informed of such action.