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Professional Localization Services by GeniusTranslation

Localization services stand for more than just mere translation since it aims to adjust your content based on socio-cultural aspects or peculiarities of a foreign country. Our experts are ready to translate your documents, blogs, websites, or mobile apps. Our bilingual, native-speaking specialists not only offer flawless structure and grammar but also customize every important point to meet your vision in over fifty languages!

Expanding Your International Outreach

Since we are living in the age of globalization, outsourcing, and pandemic restrictions that have forced numerous businesses all over the world to work remotely, turning to professional localization service becomes the only solution for correct international exposure. Our company provides reliable services for those clients who require assistance with mobile apps, software development, popular PC or mobile games, multimedia blog posts, educational materials, and video tutorials.

We have specialists in numerous industries that will cooperate with your designers, code writers, legal specialists, or business consultants. If you are a web developer, our experts will discuss things in advance to find the best solution to promote your products or services as we reach a global audience together. Turning to us makes organizational processes easier because we help you prepare and process information through all workflow stages.

Why Do People Need Translation and Localization Services

Even if you haven't tried this type of language assistance before, chances are high that you have experienced at least one product where it has been used. The majority of professional translation services must implement it in their work when dealing with the creation of multilingual websites or dealing with software solutions among other things. Becoming a player in the international arena is not an easy task as it includes marketing and cultural aspects that must be considered. It is where the skills of our experts stand out as we offer professional linguistic adaptation at each stage. Regardless if you need a product promoted or create an education dialogue for teens, our specialists will adjust your content accordingly, considering cultural and contextual peculiarities of a foreign language or related dialects.

Translation and Localization Services: The Differences

Although these are based on similar principles, content localization services go further by not only translating content per se but also focusing on things like GUI design, marketing audience, keywords, technical code proofreading, and meeting certain design or project aspects. Simple translation requires document formatting and being precise but localization is more flexible since it is always discussed, depending on legal restrictions, cultural factors, unique expressions, length of language outcome, and complex idioms. The most challenging part is meeting one's target audience where the translation is only linguistic processing of an initial document.

When your document has sensitive points, it will have to be adapted with due responsibility. While some expressions will be normal in the West, they might be offensive in countries like Japan, Iran, or the UAE. Our language localization services will address such challenges, yet will preserve the original message or tone to deliver your message. Another point is that translations are mostly textual, while localization can include videos, audio recordings, or graphic design adjustments.

How Does Localization Process Start?

The most important thing here is the preparation of your content in advance, yet how do such translation services begin? Our experts carefully evaluate your content and discuss every critical point before anything moves further. We must understand your objectives and list of services to ensure that everything is understood well by specific cultural representatives. The first stage is talking to our customers and discussing details. Then we make a list of questions that concern you to estimate resources, time, and prices.

Our expert conducts a target market analysis before adaptation starts. The translation part begins only then. Once done, the assigned localization service provider performs various tests to guarantee that there are no technical glitches or mistakes regarding socio-cultural or linguistic factors. Post-editing and proofreading are also included before you receive the final project.

What Do Testing Aspects Include?

Professional localization providers like Genius Translations take good care of additional test layers before releasing any document to you. Only proper testing guarantees efficient outcomes.

Testing aspects at our site include:

  • One may request either group or individual translators based on your objectives.
  • Localization service experts conduct linguistic evaluation along with technical testing while contacting your specialists. It includes spelling, grammar, phrasing, GUI, and cultural points.
  • Assigned agency editors will check readability for you.
  • Final proofreading by native speakers that know your business (service) field well.

Localization Experts

Our localization agency implements a human-only translation. They are certified translators who are native (bilingual) speakers that understand the required factors that make these services work. Our company is very strict regarding the hiring process, meaning that both headhunting or hiring aspects are checked rigorously.

Our language experts are not only linguistic specialists but also graduates from the world's top universities, which helps us to manage technical or specific requests like literary works, movie subtitling, or multimedia projects. Specializing in over fifty languages, we offer free revisions with an expert check to ensure that you are fully satisfied!

Major Industries Supported by Our Localization Company

Our localization translation services include but are not limited to:

Localization of Mobile Apps.

It revolves around smartphones and various mobile applications that are used worldwide. Creating something for a specific foreign audience is impossible without localization. Our specialists let you meet any world's market and localize your creation by translating every critical aspect, making it stylish and unique.

Video Games Localization.

It is one of the most popular requests in our experience since work in this field requires complex adjustment of technical, graphic, design, and language content. It requires deep analysis of code, which is why this process is always time-consuming. Our guidance is crucial for your success as we know what slang and keywords must be used to promote your video game.

Software and Data Science Projects.

Dealing with software, being precise comes first, which is why we ensure that every foreign language version sounds correct and contains no over-translation.

Website Localization.

Website localization these days is a must, which is why finding a reliable localization translation service is so important. Our company knows how to make your content received adequately by your foreign audiences by focusing on your professional field, listed services, or specific legal terms. Such work lists all local currency convertors, foreign companies’ presentations, or anything that must be included to meet local marketing issues.

Educational Purposes.

We also deal with various multimedia educational courses that are provided in several languages. While it's relatively new, our company is ready to meet innovations!

Wide Range of Available Services

Even if you require something specific, our localization translation services team can help you sort your content and achieve the best possible deadlines. As we offer a wide range of linguistic assistance, we have experience with all kinds of work. Most importantly, we know what foreign customers expect, which lets us see what must be either added or edited. If some code assistance is required like SEO foreign keywords or accurate placement, our specialists are available 24/7. We have no limitations because every matter can be negotiated.

Accuracy and Excellent Quality Guarantees

Our online localization service provides precise accuracy, confidentiality, and affordability. We fully understand that this type of linguistic help includes consulting and evaluation, which is why we keep our prices at reasonable levels without quality deterioration. Our team communicates with people all the time, which has made it possible to distribute specific responsibilities and available skills correctly. Our team includes professional editors and application testers who assist us by working along with our language experts. It is our management method that guarantees excellent clarity and top-quality localization help.

Why Choose Us?

We can offer quality localization services because we employ only certified linguists by using human translation, which means that no machine tools are used except for translation memory at some points, which is inevitable for certain legal or technical parts. It guarantees the very essence of localizing one’s content correctly as it reaches a related foreign audience.

Our experts focus on discussing your concerns in advance and analyzing what must be achieved by actually testing your product or services. If you have any questions, contact our customer support 24/7 to receive immediate help and arrange your online session.

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