Birth Certificates

Birth Certificates Translated by Genius Translations

A birth certificate is a legal document that has been issued and or certified by a government agency. This documentation proves that an individual was born within the borders of a specified country, state or province, county, and city. Here are just a few of the instances where an individual would need a birth certificate:

  • Registering For School
  • Proving Eligibility For Employment
  • Applying For Government Benefits
  • Proving Citizenship
  • Obtaining a Driver’s License
  • Getting a Marriage License
  • Proving Age
  • Proving Identity
  • Getting a Passport
  • Registering to Vote
  • Boarding a Plane

If you move to another country there will be a variety of circumstances including those listed here that will require you to have a translated copy of your birth certificate. Because of this, we strongly recommend obtaining a properly translated birth certificate before moving to another country or visiting it for an extended period of time.

Order Certified Translation of Birth Certificates

Your Birth Certificate Must Meet Official Requirements

A birth certificate is a legal document. This means that in addition to translating the document, your translator will also prepare an affidavit that states the translated birth certificate is accurate. It will also state when the translation was completed and the name of the person requesting the translation. At this point it will be notarized. The customer will receive both the translated copy of the birth certificate as well as the original copy of the affidavit with notary stamp.
All of our birth certificates as well as other legal documents are delivered via Federal Express, UPS or other rapid courier service that guarantees timely and person to person delivery.
We Translate Any Legal Document

In addition to birth certificates, we will translate any legal document. These will also come with notarization and any necessary certification. The affidavit we produce are acceptable to all agencies.

Ordering a Translated Birth Certificate

We have established a simple process for ordering a translated birth certificate. All you need to do is fill out the order form, then upload your certified original. After that, just pay a very reasonable fee. We will then find a translator who is qualified to do the job for you. If you need multiple translations, each will be done by someone who is a native of that country.

Other Translations Are Available as Well

We are proud to be a full service translation provider. This includes legal, industrial, business, personal, medical, and other translation needs. We even provide video and voice translations as well as close captioning. Contact us today with your translation request!


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