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Consider this scenario: An American national is working and living in Thailand. He was divorced several years ago, back in America. Now he has met and fallen in love with a Thai national, and they have decided to marry. He anticipates that he will have to show his divorce decree to authorities during the process of applying for the local marriage documents, and so he brings it along.

Unfortunately, the divorce decree is in English and it must be translated into the local language before officials will accept it. Obviously, he is in a hurry to get this accomplished, as the wedding is being planned. If he contacts Genius Translations, he has nothing to worry about.

And this is exactly what he did, because our reputation was well known to him. We had been translating documents for his company for a long time.

We were able to get his divorce decree translated and back to him within 48 hours, all notarized and certified.

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Don’t Take Chances with Official Documents

A divorce decree is a legal document and any translation must be completely accurate. This is complicated, because there is a great deal of legal jargon in these documents – jargon that must be translated to native jargon with exactly the same meaning. Only a translator with a legal background and full fluency in his native language will be able to do this right.

If you trust your divorce decree, or any other legal document, to amateur translators who do not have legal backgrounds, you are not going to get the accuracy you need.

If you trust your divorce decree, or any other legal document, to Genius Translations, however, you will get a pro who is not only a native of the target language but also one who has a background in law-related niches.

We have the highest standards for employment of translators and have accumulated a staff of translators that is second-to-none in this business. Not only do they have fluency in their native language but, as well, fluency in the originating language of the documents. So, if you need a legal document, such as a divorce decree, translated from Italian to Vietnamese, you will have a translator who is a Vietnamese native, fluent in Italian, and with a legal background. This is what you want and need.

Reliability and Great Pricing

When you need a translation, and need it fast, Genius Translations is your one-stop shop. We have never “dropped the ball” on any order, no matter how urgent the deadline may be. We have a 24/7 customer support department in order to honor all time zones, so if you have questions or issues filling out your order form or getting your documents to us, we can expedite your need.

In terms of pricing, you will find that our service is one of the most reasonable you can find. And, once you are given a price quote, it will not change. There are never any hidden fees. The only time a fee may change is if you add something to your original order.

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Whether you need a translation of a divorce decree, other legal documents, or any personal or professional translations, you can always contact us for an analysis and pricing quote. We are confident that we will become your “go-to” translator for the long-term.

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