Employee Manuals

Employee manuals are written for several reasons. They ensure that daily operations run as planned in an organization. They provide employees with needed information on company policies, benefits, and what is required of them. Finally, they can be used as a source of proof when knowledge of policies or the facts of those policies become a matter of dispute. Typically, an employee manual addresses the following:

  • Benefits And Compensation
  • Work Hours And Hours of Operation
  • Non-Disclosure Policies
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Policies on Harassment or Discrimination
  • Use of Computers And Other Devices
  • Family or Maternity Leave
  • Safety Regulations

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Translation of Employee Manuals by Genius Translation

If you have plans to expanding into other countries, and those plans include hiring from local pools of talent, you will need to translate and localize your employee manuals. These will be used in training and throughout each employee’s tenure with your organization. It will be a point of reference for them. For these reasons, it is important that the translation is not only accurate, but completed by someone who is familiar with employment laws and standards in that country. This is why we insist that these translations are done by someone with HR or equivalent knowledge and experience in that country.

Before The Translation Begins

Before submitting employee manuals for translation, we strongly encourage our clients to research employment laws and industry standards in their new country. It does no good to translate policies that are not allowed or do not apply in the new region. Once this task is finished, a native translator will be able to translate the manual, along with the needed changes into the target language. This is where Genius Translation comes into the picture.

Genius Translation Employee Manuals: Accuracy is Key

Clients using our services can be confident that the translation they receive will be ready for immediate use. There will be no errors in spelling, grammar, or mechanics. In addition to this, the translation will be culturally sensitive and free from any terminology that could be offensive.
We Use Only The Best Translators

Everybody has read or tried to read poorly translated documents in one situation or another. When a company hires the wrong translation service, they end up paying to have them translated again. Their only other option is to simply deal with the consequences of having a poor translation. Unfortunately, when it comes to employee manuals those consequences can be both costly and legal. We only hire translators who can pass our background checks, prove their experience and expertise, and who have any certifications required of them. When a client works with us, they can be sure they are working with the best translators.
Pricing And Deadlines

Genius Translation has a policy of providing accurate upfront quotes. We work hard to ensure that our prices are reasonable while still allowing us to hire the best translators. We base our pricing on both length and complexity as well as urgency. We work hard to keep costs down.

We are proud to say that we have a 100 percent record of success when it comes to meeting deadlines. Further, the revision requests we have received are few and far between.
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When companies expand their operations overseas, they must take care to meet the needs of employees by ensuring that they have access to the employee manuals and other documents that help them to understand exactly what is required of them. These manuals provide employees with guidelines on behavior, information on benefits, and other important matters. Without this information, they cannot be a successful or productive member of your organization. Our translations will help each employee in your target country become an asset to your growing team.

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