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Before you travel to any country, you will need to research the immunization requirements both for entering that country and for re-entering your native country once you have traveled to specific countries. There are also immunizations that are not required but recommended. Keeping those immunizations up to date and meeting the requirements of all countries to and from which you travel can be a complicated process.
Add to that complication the fact that many countries require those immunization documents to be in their native languages, translated and notarized, so that they are official representations of an accurate immunization record.
The reason for the translation requirement is that many airport employees who are responsible for checking all documents are not fluent in any language other than their own. They will not be able to read those immunization records in your native language.

If you are in a foreign airport trying to get through customs and your immunization record is not translated, you will face delays while a translator is located, and you will pay dearly for that service.

Order Certified Translation of Immunization Cards

Preventing the Hassles
You can prevent any type of delay or admission refusal by using the services of Genius Translation ahead of time. Not only are we on top of which immunizations anyone traveler should have, but we have the certified professionals who can translate your records into more than 100 languages, as well as notarize those records. You will breeze through customs with our documents.
It’s Simple and Fast
Contact us and give us a listing of all the countries you plan to visit, whether for business or leisure. Send us a certified copy of your current immunization record. We will quickly locate a translator for each of your target countries and have those translations completed quickly, notarized, and couriered back to you. If a translator notices that any required immunization for his/her native country is missing, you will be notified immediately, so that you can get that shot and send that record over to us right away. It can then be added.
If you have others travelling with you, be certain to send theirs as well.
How Important is This?
The answer is that it is critical. If you are unable to show that you have the required immunizations, of course you will experience delays. Even more important than that, however, is the possibility that you become ill while in a foreign country. If your immunization record is not in the native language, you care could be delayed while the medical provider finds someone to translate that record.
If You Have Questions
Whether you are traveling for pleasure, for business, as a student studying abroad, or someone who will be involved in volunteer work, you need your immunizations and immunization records up to date and translated into all languages of countries you will visit or pass through. Don’t take chances that will cause delays.
When you have those records translated through Genius Translations, you will never have a worry about authenticity questions.
Get in touch with us today. If you are unsure about the ordering process, just call our customer support department.

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