Marriage Certificates

Imagine this: You are in a foreign country. Your spouse, who has retained her maiden name for professional reasons, becomes ill and is hospitalized. You need to make medical decisions regarding her care – perhaps giving authorization for a surgery. Your passports have two different last names on them. How do you prove you are married and legally allowed to give those authorizations?

Suppose you have taken up residency in another country with your new husband and need to enroll your children in school. They have different last names than you, because they are from a former marriage. How do you prove you are actually their mother?

In both of these instances, you will need to produce a marriage certificate, and, as is most often the case, it must be certified, notarized, and in the native language.

The point is this: If you are traveling with your spouse, there may be circumstances in which you need proof that you are married. Your marriage certificate should accompany you when you travel, and it should be translated into the local languages of the countries to which you will be traveling. Many couples do not think of this when they make their travel plans, but they should.

Order Certified Translation of Marriage Certificates

Genius Translations is Your Answer

As soon as you know to which country(ies) you will be traveling, you should contact Genius Translations for all of your document translations – immunization records, divorce decrees, and, yes, your marriage certificate. It is just the smart thing to do, because you cannot anticipate the instances in which you may need to prove that you are married.

Fortunately, Genius Translations has native translators for over 100 languages who are ready to translate our marriage certificate for you. Even if you are planning a whirlwind vacation to six or seven countries, we can provide a translator for each of those native languages – one who is also fluent in your native language, so that translations are accurate.

Certification and Notarization

Because a marriage license is a legal document, it will need to be translated by a certified pro. Certification means that the translator meets any and all certification requirements that his/her native country requires. This means that the translation will be accepted by local authorities in the native country.

Notarization is also a common requirement. Your translator(s) will also notarize your marriage certificate to give it the authority it needs. S/he will have the proper notary public certification.

We are Fast

Because most people do not think about marriage certificates as important travel documents, they may be caught off guard and need that translation quite quickly. We have no problem with such urgent requests. In fact, these translations can usually be accomplished within hour of your order placement. We are able to do this because we have translators “on call” 24 hours a day. As soon as you place an order and tell us that it is urgent, we will make it a top priority and find the most suitable translator who will have it completed in record time.

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You will find that we are amazingly reasonable in our pricing, no matter how urgent your request may be. It’s time to think ahead and plan for the unexpected. Place your order for marriage certificate translation right now, send us a certified copy of the original, request your languages, and receive your certified and notarized copies within hours!

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