Police Clearances

These days, police background checks are required for almost all types of jobs. Employers want to be certain that the people they hire are not felons. But there are also instances in which a police check is required for travel, including the following:

If you plan travel to a country that is not a member of The Hague Convention, that country will often require a police background check as a part of application for a visa. And that police check must be in the native language of the country you plan to visit.

Some countries that are a part of The Hague Convention still require the document too.

Travelers, for any purpose, who do need police background checks translated will have to have them translated by a certified translator and then notarized.

Luckily, Genius Translations has American Translators Association certified pros who can both perform the translations and notarize them as well. Many other services do not.

Order Certified Translation of Police Clearances

Your Police Clearance Quickly Translated

We treat all requests for police background check translations as high priority orders, because they are usually holding up visa processing. Many of our clients did not realize they needed one until they began the application process and are now in urgent need.

These types of documents are also personal and sensitive, and we understand the need for full confidentiality. Please be assured that we have the latest security measures in place to protect your information and that our work for you is treated with the highest level of discreteness.

Here’s how to Get It Done

Should you need your police background check or any other critical document translated, you place an order on our site, using the provided order form. We then ask that you upload the document(s) with that order, adding any specifications you need.

We then find the suitable translator for the target language, the work is completed quickly, and the document notarized. We send you both a digital copy of the translation and, as well, courier to you the original, should that be required.

Our Guarantee

All translations performed by the highly skilled folks at Genius Translations are guaranteed to be accurate and complete. You will never get a poor translation from us, no matter type of material you send.

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