Proofreading for the Academic Community – Getting it Right with Genius Translation

We have comprehensive translation services, but a strong part of our services involves proofreading as a final check on all documents, whether we performed the original translations or not. For the academic community, proofreading is particularly important, because grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etc. are vital.

Whatever you have that has been translated – a research article, your dissertation, a curriculum guide, syllabus, or a textbook, we are ready to provide the proofreading you may need to ensure that it is perfect in any language.

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You Have Options at Genius Translation

When you contract with Genius Translation for our regular translations services, you will receive translators from your academic field who are also native to the language in which your work is to be translated. If the translations are to be in several languages, you will receive several translators. This is how we ensure that the final copy is correct and authentic. As a final check, however, many of our academic clients order proofreading services beyond the original translation. We then assign another native linguist to review the work for any minor errors that might have been overlooked.

Your other option is to send to us any work that you have already had translated, either by an individual or another service, to be proofread. It is always a wise to have another set of eyes take a look, and the set of eyes we assign to the project will be a native linguist with an academic or professional background in your content field.

Proofreading is the Final Polish

If you are having any of your academic work translated, it is because you are selling, distributing, or otherwise sharing it with an international academic community. Your reputation is something you want to protect, of course. Part of protecting that reputation is ensuring that the work is impeccably translated with no errors in syntax, grammar, spelling, etc. It would be embarrassing if there were errors that were glaring to the receivers of your work.

Using the proofreading services of Genius Translation means that your translated projects, articles and documents will be perfectly composed, just as you want them to be. You will not have to be anxious about their reception on the other end.

The Proofreading Process

As stated above, you have two options. When you order translation services, you can add proofreading to that order, so that you get that second set of eyes before your project is completed and returned to you for distribution.

You may also lace an order for proofreading as a standalone service. In this case, you send to us the original and the translated version(s). For each language, we assign a native linguist in the academic field to review every sentence and every word. When you receive your completed work(s) back, you will also receive a report of the errors that were found and the remedies that were put into place.

Why Translators and Proofreaders Need to Be Two Different People

When authors write books, they usually have editors and proofreaders. Why? Because the author can easily gloss over mistakes that would be evident to another person. The same goes for major academic works. When PH.D. candidates complete their dissertations, they always employ the services of a proofreader. The same goes for translators. As they are engaged in translation work, they may make small errors – errors that can detract from the worth of the piece. Proofreading is just a smart method of adding an extra level of “protection.”

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