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Proofreading in the Arts Industry

In the fine arts fields, translations can be tricky. Novels, short stories, scripts, poems, song lyrics and more all express emotions with very specific tone and style. Translating that emotion, tone, and style into another language is an art form in itself, because quite often word-to-word literal translations do not work.

Beyond translations, it is also advised that translations in the arts be proofread by a separate linguist to ensure that the meaning has been communicated in an accurate and polished way.

Genius Translation, in addition to employing the premier native translators in over 100 languages, each of whom have backgrounds in all of the industries we serve, provides these same experts for proofreading services.


When You Use Genius Translation for Your Needs

If you use our company for translation services, you will always have the best translator money can buy. Beyond that, however, you may add another level of care by adding proofreading services. This means that another translator with the same background and expertise will proofread the original translation and ensure that grammar, syntax, and meaning shine through as they should.

If you have had your work translated by someone else, we are happy to give is a second look, through the eyes of one of our translators. If there are changes to be made, that translator will provide you with a report of the changes, explaining how the change enhances the original translation and your work.

The Ordering Process

  1. If you are ordering a translation, you will find a box to check that requests proofreading services to be added. Simply check the box and the additional cost, which is very reasonable, will be added to your total charge. Then upload your piece(s) and we will locate your translator quite quickly.

If you are requesting proofreading as a standalone service, simply indicate so on     the order form. We then ask that you upload your original, along with the translation you received. We need both, because the proofreader will need to     compare the two.

  1. Your pricing is calculated at the time of order placement. It will not change – we never add additional fees as some other services are prone to do.

  2. We locate one or more linguists depending upon the number of languages you are requesting. Each linguist is a native of the language of the translation language and will have a background in literature, music or drama, depending upon your type of work.

  3. You will need to be somewhat involved in this process, and that is why we put you in direct communication with your translator(s). Clarifications are often needed, and we need your input.

  4. Once the proofreading is accomplished, you will receive all of your documents back – the original, the original translation, and the proofread copy with any changes made. Again, changes will be explained to you.

Get a Free Price Quote

Whether you need translation and proofreading or just proofreading, don’t delay. We have experts available to take on your project. As stated, we have exceptional linguists in over 100 languages, and only those with backgrounds in the arts are assigned to these translations and proofreading tasks.

You may contact customer support to discuss your project and receive a pricing quote, or complete the order form where the price will be automatically calculated for you.

We look forward to providing you with the highest quality translations and proofreading on the planet.