Proofreading Translated Business & Financial Documents is a Must

When businesses, banks, e-commerce enterprises, and other financial organizations do business in foreign countries, there are contracts, statements, reports, and localization that all require translation. Add to this the legal and regulatory requirements of doing business in another country, and translation services become of paramount importance.

If your business fits into any of these categories, you understand the importance of complete accuracy as you draft contracts and agreements, policy manuals, reports and statements, and any documentation that must be presented to local authorities.

You may have used any number of translators, even those with legal backgrounds, but in the interest of full accuracy and compliance, it is always a smart decision to have those translations proofread by a third party. Genius Translation can be that third party.

Order Proofreading in Business/​Finance


Getting the “Bugs” Out

Because translations are accomplished by machines and/or humans, there is always the chance for errors – small errors that, in legal documents or reports, can make a big difference and can change the meaning of the intent. Obviously, this is not something you want to happen.

This is why, at Genius Translations, we always recommend a final proofreading of all business and financial documents – a proofreading completed by a native linguist with a business and/or financial background. And if those documents involve legalities of any kind, we want our linguists with legal backgrounds to have a careful look as well.

Genius Translation Proofreaders

Our pool of proofreaders is the same as our pool of translators – they are native linguists from a host of professional backgrounds who serve the entire translation industry in a number of capacities. When one completes a translation, another with the same background completes the proofreading.

If you have had your documents translated through us, we always recommend proofreading, and you can add that to your original order. If you have your translations completed elsewhere, simply order proofreading and send over your original and the translation. We will assign the most appropriate expert to it quickly.

Using Genius Translation Services

It begins with a contact from you. You will find all of our contact information on this site. We are happy to spend the time discussing your needs and how we can fill them. If you are clear about your needs, simply complete the order form to receive a calculation of the price. Once you have that pricing, it will not change, unless you add to your original order.

Once we are able to analyze your order, we will assign the best suited translator to the task. You and your assigned translator will stay in touch during the project completion, so that there are never any mis-understandings.

You will love the work we do for you. Most of our customers have been with us for a long time – exactly the kinds of relationships we like to have.

Reasonable Rates; Rapid Return

You will find that both our translation and proofreading services are extremely reasonable for the expertise and quality of translators we employ. We can accept very urgent orders, if you should need a rapid turnaround.

Let us know what you need – we will start immediately.

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