We Offer Translation Services to Ensure That Individuals And Businesses Reach Their Goals

Our translation services have benefitted thousands of consumers. This includes individuals requiring personal document translation, legal translations, medical translations, and more. We’ve also translated websites, legal documents, product packaging, and a variety of other items for businesses and organizations worldwide. We have helped businesses grow in new communities, helped adoptions go smoothly, and assisted people in pursuing educational and employment opportunities.

However, while translation is key to all of this, it is important to remember that our proofreading services are an important part of all of this. If translation could be compared to building a car, then proofreading is comparable to the step that ensures the finished car is safe and road ready.

In fact, you have probably experienced what translation looks like without proofreading. The internet is full of content that may have been translated, but that has definitely not been proofread. This is obvious not just in the poor spelling and grammar, but also in the awkward phrasing and syntax.

Order Proofreading Services in General

Chances are, when you surf into web pages or see content like this, you back away as soon as possible. You aren’t going to find any information presented as credible. You certainly aren’t going to make a purchase from a business that is willing to put out such sloppily written content.

This is because poorly written content that hasn’t been proofread sets off alarm bells. People think:

  • Rip Off or Scam

  • Untrustworthy

  • Fly by Night Operation

  • Now Way Can I Trust This Place With my Money!

  • I’m getting Out of Here Before I Get a Virus

Of course, it isn’t just web content that can be impacted by proofreading or a lack of it. Business documents, legal documents, personal correspondence, transcripts, or any other item won’t be viewed as reliable if it is full of errors. In some cases, lack of proofreading can result in missed errors. That can lead to devastating consequences. Imagine putting dozens of toys on a shelf in another country, without proofreading the packaging, then finding out that a translation mistake resulted in a risque word being included on that packaging. This is what our proofreading services can help you avoid.

It’s Not Just About Spelling And Grammar

Our proofreaders certainly understand the rules of the languages they work with. However, they also understand regional slang, pop culture references, words and phrases that have underlying political meanings, local vernacular, and other important factors that can impact how locals perceive a translation.

Then there are issues of spacing and formatting. Many people don’t consider how translating text into another language can impact layout and formatting. Think about it. A sentence containing five words and 33 characters in one language isn’t going to translate into five words and 33 characters in another language. This means that the same text won’t fit within the same space on a piece of paper or computer screen. This is why our proofreaders use their discretion and knowledge of language to modify translations so that they carry the same meaning while allowing you to maintain integrity when it comes to layout, formatting, and spacing.

All good writers know that they need good proofreaders. Professional translators understand this as well. This is because even the most seasoned and conscientious translator is going to make mistakes. Unfortunately, when it comes to the written word, the people most likely to miss mistakes are the ones who make them. It is for this reason that we use proofreaders.

Our Proofreading Services

We offer proofreading services as part of our translation services. If you have content that has been translated by another company, we are always willing to help you by proofreading that as well. Just contact our online customer service reps, and they will give you all of the information that you need.

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