Genius Translation Legal Proofreading Services When Mistakes Are Not an Option

Even the simplest and shortest legal document can be full of words and phrases that are difficult for the average person to understand. In fact, all one has to do is read the small print on the back of a waiver, or even try to discern the true meaning of much of the wording on a simple lease to see how true this is.

In addition to being difficult for the average person to understand, all of this legal jargon has meaning. This means that if a legal document is not worded correctly, there can be serious consequences. A mistake in translation could change the terms of a legal agreement, render one person liable when they should not be, or turn a simple matter into something complicated that must be hammered out by attorneys or in the courts system.

It is because of this complexity and the serious consequences of any mistakes in translating legal content that we insist upon bundling proofreading services with our legal translation services. It is also why we insist that the proofreaders we use for these tasks have legal industry experience and education. We believe that this extra layer of protection is way too important to make it optional.

Multiple Legal Proofreading Options Are Available to Our Clients

We strongly recommend that anybody using our legal translation services not opt out of our proofreading services as well. We simply cannot guarantee the same level of accuracy if you do not allow our proofreaders to review  your documents as well.

If you already have translated documents, but want to be certain they are error free, we are happy to proofread those as well. This is the case even with items that have been translated by other services.

How Our Proofreading Services Work

Once our qualified, legal translators have finished translating your legal content, it is sent to a proofreader or team of proofreaders who have the relevant experience needed to ensure that your documents are error free. Once they begin to work, they will check for formatting issues, syntax problems, spelling and grammar mistakes, and problems in phrasing that could potentially alter the meaning of your text in unpredictable ways. Your proofreader will also look for ways in which wording is used that could leave room for legal challenge or even nullification. As a consumer, you can help us in this process by providing any additional information and requirements of which you are aware.

On request, we can even provide you with a layperson’s summary of the document. This will help you to understand what the document is communicating, and what your rights, responsibilities, and obligations are as defined by that document. This can serve as a bit of peace of mind for you when it comes time to use your translated documents.

Here is an Abbreviated List of The Legal Documents That we Can Proofread For You

  • Contracts

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Custody Agreements

  • Civil And Criminal Laws And Statutes

  • Plea Agreements

  • Court Orders

  • Police Reports And Witness Statements

  • Leases And Real Estate Paperwork

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Intellectual Property And Copyright Documents

We would be happy to help to ensure that all of your legal documents are free from any mistakes, and that they communicate exactly what you need them to. Please contact our online support staff, and they will answer any questions that you may have.