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It is difficult to imagine any area where obtaining the highest level of accuracy possible is more important than medical content. Doctor’s instructions, treatment protocols, medication labeling and instructions, research data, medical journal articles, are just a few examples of items that can have major impact on the health and wellbeing of both individuals and society as a whole. A mistake in translation could have extraordinarily far reaching and severe negative consequences. There is, quite literally, no room for error.

We Urge All Medical Translation Consumers to Use Our Proofreading Services as Well

Let us begin by saying that we have a lot of faith in the capabilities of our medical, translation professionals. We work hard to recruit, then screen translators with very specific industry expertise so that our customers documents are translated with the utmost accuracy and attention to details. These professionals understand the ins and outs of medical terminology as well as the rules that govern how certain documents must be formatted.
So, why do we recommend that the work of our translators be double checked? That’s simple. No human being is capable of performing this work without some level of error occuring if even a fraction of the time. We also know that in writing, interpreting, and translating it is very difficult for people to see their own errors. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered why even the most world-renown authors still use editors and proofreaders, it is because they know that a second set of eyes helps to ensure perfection or as class to it as one can get.

When translation mistakes cannot be tolerated and you recognize that human error is simply a reality, it becomes obvious that using translation services is a necessity. If you want error free documents, proofreading is a must.

Ordering Medical Proofreading Services

If you are already placing an order for medical translation or localization, we are happy to bundle proofreading with our translating services. In fact, we will strongly recommend that you do this. If you are concerned about cost, we ask you to first of all consider the potential cost of any mistakes. Then, we want you to know that you can save money by purchasing translation and proofreading services together.

If you have previously had items translated by another company, we are happy to proofread those medical documents for you. We are confident you will find our rates quite reasonable and that you will gain significant peace of mind. We ask that customers using this service submit both the translated documents as well as any original content. Without the original document, we can only ensure that grammar and spelling errors are absent. We cannot guarantee that the translation is accurate without having the original to work from.

In either case, once your documents are ready to be proofread, the job is taken over by a certified translator who is also qualified to proofread medical documents. We go through an intensive process of conducting background checks, administering tests relating to both language and industry level expertise. In fact, not only do we insist that our medical proofreaders have general medical experience, we insist on finding individuals with very specific education and experience. This is because someone who is qualified to proofread an article for a medical research journal may not be qualified to proofread patient instructions for a life saving allergy injection.

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