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Questions About Personal Content Translations? We Have the Answers

If you have had personal documents, correspondence, or family archives translated for you, and if you have any misgivings at all about their accuracy, we urge you to get a “second opinion” from the professionals at Genius Translation. Our proofreading services are fast and reasonable and will give you the security of knowing that you have accurate translations of document that are important and/or precious.

Whether these translations were completed by a personal acquaintance or another translation service, we are happy to have a native linguist review them, provide editing where necessary, and give back to you fully accurate documents.



It’s Super Easy

The steps in the process of getting your personal documents proofread is fast and easy (and also very reasonable). Here are the steps:

  1. You place an order and either send or upload your documents – both originals and the translations you have received. If you have original documents, you may want to make copies of them to send to us rather than the originals. We take great care of originals and only return them by trusted international carriers and/or couriers, but we do worry about your mailing them from your end.

  2. Once we have the documents (original and translations), we are able to assign the native linguist that is most appropriate and skilled.

  3. That linguist will perform a translation of the originals and then compare it with the translations you already have. There may be differences. In this case, our linguist will prepare a report for you, itemizing the changes s/he has made to the translations you have, with an explanation why the new translation is more accurate.

  4. We will send back to you the originals, the earlier translations you have sent to us, and our translations, with explanations for all changes we have made.

We Have Great Rates

You can always request a pricing quote from us before you make a decision to use our proofreading services. We think you will be very happy with our rates as they are very competitive with other reputable services. Of course, you will find services that are much cheaper. Understand, however, that you “get what you pay for.” Cheap translation services do not always use native linguists with the backgrounds that our translators and proofreaders have.

If you want accuracy, perfect grammar, vocabulary, and spelling, then you will want Genius Translation.

We also offer discounts for multiple document or lengthy proofreading. Be sure to check with our customer support department to take advantage of these discounts.

Proofreading is Important

Suppose you are a self-published author. You have had your work translated but it was an amateurish individual or service, and you have reservations about accuracy. You do not want to market a work to a citizenry that will see it as poorly written.

Suppose you have family archival documents that you will be passing on to future generations. You want these to be accurate and, especially for personal correspondence, to reflect the style and tone of the author.

Our proofreading services provide the final check that you want before you distribute any of your work or ancestral pieces, to the public or to family members.

Let Us Impress You

Our Proofreaders are employed in their positions because they have the attention to detail that we require for this type of work. Sometimes it is tedious, and we need people who are willing to focus on all of the detail that makes a translation perfectly correct. Fortunately, we have these people, and their skills are well documented through their background experience. Proofreading is a specialized skill, and not everyone has it.

How you Get Started

You may complete our on-site order form or contact our customer support department to discuss your needs. You will receive a pricing quote either way, and that will remain our price. We do not add on extra fees as other service may.

Let Genius Translation give you the confidence you need. When we are finished proofreading your documents, you know they will be perfect.