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There has been a globalization explosion that has made the world very small. There may be no industry where this is more obvious than the technical sector. In fact, even the smallest technical company is almost certain to be impacted by globalization on some level. Whether it be dealing with a customer base in a foreign land, or purchasing components from overseas, most technical companies and professionals are going to require translation or localization services of some kind.

We, of course, are happy to provide these services. Even better, we have translators available who are able to translate a variety of technical documents, content, and other materials. We are very proud of our track record in th is sector.

However, it is important to remember that the translation process is never foolproof. This is why we recommend that all of our technical translation customers also use our proofreading services. This extra attention to accuracy and quality can bring you even more assurance that your content is absolutely accurate and audience ready.

Technical Proofreading Services: General Information

We are proud to have developed relationships with translation professionals spanning the globe. We have worked hard to ensure that these individuals are more than qualified to translate your technical content. However, it is important to keep in mind that even the best translation or localization specialist will never attain a one hundred percent accuracy rate. This is why we employ proofreaders as well. Your technical documents provide user instructions, contain manufacturing specifications, involve your intellectual property, and much more. Inaccuracy is simply not an option. You need the oversight that proofreading provides.

Understanding How it Works

We recommend that all translation customers bundle our translation services with our proofreading services. It is the most cost effective option, and you will receive your translated items knowing that they have been checked for errors and meaning as well.

In some cases, we have customers who have had items translated by another company. Sometimes, they find errors on their own, or they simply want extra checking to be conducted. Because of this, they seek out our proofreading services. It is always our pleasure to assist anybody with proofreading, even if we did not translate the original text. All we ask is that the original documents be forwarded to us as well as the translated copies.

Examples of Proofread Items

We will proofread any technical document. Here are just a few examples:

  • Software And Hardware Manuals

  • Help Text And Instructions

  • Networking Diagrams

  • Safety Manuals

  • Packaging

  • Marketing And Web Content

  • Technical Articles

  • Reviews And Overviews

  • Business Plans

  • Templates

Our Technical Proofreaders

Our technical proofreaders are translators who have shown an especially high level of talent for noticing small details and being able to catch even the smallest mistakes. We insist that they have both technical and language expertise. Further, we recruit from a variety of areas within the technology sector. This helps us to ensure that we can find the ideal proofreader for any project.

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