Translation services are in abundance. In fact, a simple search on your computer will show you dozens of them. Some will be online entities while others will be local to you. The problem is that it is difficult to discern much between them. They all make the same claims. These include:

  • Certified Translators

  • Localization And Translation Services

  • Multiple Industry Translation

  • Quick Work

  • Affordable

  • Guaranteed Quality

Here’s the rub. These are the claims that you want to see. The challenge is knowing when you can believe them. Unfortunately, in most cases you cannot.

Order Translation Services in General

Translation Services: General Expertise

There are very few translation services that actually live up to their claims. The others simply do not have the resources to truly offer certified translation services in over 100 languages. They certainly cannot translate documents ranging from personal correspondence to politically sensitive government communications.

Fortunately, Genius Translation has the resources we need to meet virtually any translation request, and to complete any project relating to any and all industries. Keep reading to learn more about how we are able to meet your translation needs.

All Translations Done by Humans

We don’t use translation software. No matter how small or inconsequential a project may seem to us, we know that it is important to the person who placed the order. Even the best online translation software is simply not accurate enough to meet our standards. We are certain it isn’t accurate enough to meet yours.

Whether you send us an entire website to translate or a personal letter you found in your attic, it will go to a certified translator who is more than qualified to do the job.

We Operate on a Global Scale

GeniusTranslation is more than just a bunch of academics sitting in an office building. We are a team of hundreds of translators, proofreaders, and staff spanning the entire globe. Our translators have an amazingly wide array of life and professional experiences. They are educators, business professionals, linguists, scientists, and much more. Each of these team members brings a unique set of life experience and qualification that enables us to help you with your translation needs no matter what.

Translators Are Vetted on an Ongoing Basis to Insure Industry Competence

When a translation project is completed, you may be asked to give us feedback on your experience. We’ll have lots of questions about your translator especially. This is because we want to ensure that we make the best use of our translators that we can. Specifically, we want to be sure that we are using them on the projects where they can be of most help to our customers.

In addition to this, we keep in close contact with our translators to see what they are doing to advance their knowledge and skill set. We don’t just want to use a translator who is competent in a particular industry today, we want to know that they are continuing to grow and educate themselves in their core competencies.

We Listen to Provide Truly Personalized Service

There’s no such thing as just another document. The content that you want translated is meaningful. It can:

  • Help You to Better Understand Your Family History

  • Ensure Good Communications Between Two Groups

  • Assist You in Growing Your Business

  • Helping Your to Get Into The School of Your Dreams

  • Ensure That Your Dream Vacation Goes Off Without a Hitch

  • Allow You to Expand Your Horizons

  • Help You Help Others

  • Facilitate You Landing a Great Job

  • Save Lives

This is why we never treat any job as if it is just another translation request. This is why our translators and project leads will remain in contact with you from the moment you place your order. We believe that communication and truly personalized service sets us apart from other services. It also helps us to understand the needs that drive each and every order.

We Have Quality Control Methodologies in Place

Quality isn’t something we simply give lip service to. We understand that our business customers have certain requirements and standards that they must meet. Because of this, we have taken steps to ensure that we can help you to meet any regulatory requirements regarding translations. This includes being in compliance with both ISO 9001 and EN 15038 protocols. This is in addition to our translators being certified by universally recognized and respected bodies.

We Can Meet Urgent Needs

In this industry, situations often arise where the need to complete a translation project is more than a little urgent. For example, a traveler stranded abroad cannot wait seven to ten days to get a needed document translated and certified.

Because of this, we have created procedures that allow us to quickly assemble emergency project teams and get urgent requests completed in short order. In fact, there have been times when we have been able to translate, certify, and transmit in just a few hours.

Name Your Industry Name Your Project And We’ve Got You Covered

We have every confidence that we can complete virtually any translation challenge that is sent our way! Place your order, and we can begin assisting you today!

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