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Literature Translation

Melissa, Chief Editor, USA

As the chief editor my top priority is ensuring the quality of information provided to our readers. It's crucial to spread the word, yet revealing the truth may stumble upon the mistakes of translation. Looking back at the years of experience I can testify that accurate translation sometimes is all. That is why I only trust professionals like Genius Translation. Their name speaks for them.

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Translation Services

Jay D, Entrepreneur, USA

The company is the best solution if you don't need to hire a translator full-time. I had a project to translate into several languages. Instead of having to search for a translator for each language or the best case is a translator of two or more languages, I hired Genius Translation that kept my project spreading. The cooperation was absolutely a positive experience of team work for the best result. Thank you.

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Certified Translation

Alfio, Pharmasist, France

Thank you for the proper translation of the medical documentation. Landing a brand new pharmaceutical product it's crucial to have a medical background and understand clearly what is what. I was preoccupied within the period of preparing all the documents. Having Genius Translation do their work was a right decision and a relieve from plenty troubles.

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Translation Services

Alan, Manager, UK

We've invited the Genius Translation for cooperating within several spheres. They'd be our helpers with several aspects of translation within the project. They were smooth, barely noticeable and extremely effective. We've got exactly what we've asked for. From now on, we think of expanding as translating was easy with our company and this was the major drawback on this.

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App Localization

Alp, IT Engineering, France

Very professional service! They have helped me with the localization of application I’ve made and now I am working with them on the localization of my personal website. I’m very satisfied with their work! Highly recommend it to you!

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Academic Translation

Gergie, Linguist, Germany

I've ordered translation services for my Ph.D. It has turned out to be a high-quality translation that I was able to use as examples to go with my analysis to prove my work. I am grateful to the Genius Translation as I believe you've contributed to my successful final thesis and becoming a Doctor.

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Translation Services

Keiko, Publisher, France

Thank you for helping out with a translation of the publishing material. As a publisher and linguist with a journalism degree. It's hard to find the person who does not just perform the translation but also feels what it's like to present a publishing material.

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Translation Services

Claire, Lawyer, USA

My best recommendation for the expert team of Genius Translation. The cooperation went well. Among the positive sides, is that the company has lawyers on the team along with the translators who know what the certified documents should look like. Translation of the documents is just as much about the language as it is about the format. The guys did great. The level of performing services is perfect.