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For any author who wants to be recognized internationally, book translation services are key to reaching the global market. Local distribution for some languages can be small, so making the text accessible to people from the wider linguistic environment can boost success dramatically and be much more profitable. For books used in educational environments translating books is a great tool for knowledge sharing and popularizing science. The literary translation covers all the forms and genres of belles-lettres. A language expert in this field works with poetry, fiction and non-fiction books, magazine articles, drama pieces, song lyrics, rhymes, and many more. Such work requires to use of expressive means of the target language to reflect the aesthetics and imagery of the original text.

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Types of Book Translation Service We Deliver

Various types of text require unique skill sets to work with. Our specialists who deal with book translation online can manage any kind of text, regardless of complexity. When working with narrow fields, the knowledge and experience and particular topics matter a lot, so we make sure that there are experts in our translation company who ensure 100% accuracy. Here is a short overview of the types of translation we offer:


In this type, the language specialists focus on working with style while preserving the form of the original text. It is suitable for creative literary works such as poetry, drama, lyrics, and belles-lettres prose. There are also pieces that incorporate different genres together, such as musicals.


Scientific works require quite a unique approach from experts who work with it. Such papers should be processed by professional book translation services with an emphasis on academic rigor. It means that a team working on it has field knowledge and a full understanding of the topic and terminology to be able to deliver quality work for scientific society.


Electronic books are gaining unprecedented popularity nowadays. Of course, there are still some people who prefer it old-style and want to enjoy a nice foreign book in hardcover on a couch in the evening. But for many readers, electronic libraries and the ability to read everywhere from a favorite device give an opportunity to access texts easily. This is the reason why electronic book translation online is becoming one of the most popular services in this industry. It contributes to sharing knowledge, art, and science globally.

Fiction and Nonfiction

In the past, it was much harder for new authors to become popular and gain worldwide popularity. There were many reasons for this, including social and political factors as well as how publishing companies worked. Now it is much easier for new voices in fiction to be heard internationally with the help of book translation services that authors now afford. Nonfiction literature has become trendy for the past decade. Biographies, autobiographies, popular psychology, books about hobbies, relationships, creativity, habits, and even works on how to translate books for beginners all fall into this category.

Journals and Magazines

These types of publications may be devoted to various topics, from high fashion and lifestyle to science, hobbies, business, and politics. Texts in such works are written in a journalistic style that sets some rules and limitations of such writing. It means that there is a considerable difference from literary translations, where aesthetics matters a lot. Because in journals and magazines, what matters is being catchy, concise, and having attention-drawing titles.

The Steps for Book Translators to Get It Done

Translating a book is not an easy task. It takes several important stages to get everything done. Let’s review all steps to translate a book one by one.

  1. Establish an end goal. One needs to have a good plan for promoting the book abroad to reach the desired recognition and popularity. To establish the end goal, one needs to consider the genre and the intended readers. Will it be used for aesthetic satisfaction, or is it educational? Maybe you would like to start with just one or two countries or would like to launch an international campaign to attract global audiences at once. The goal can be as simple as “to sell as many copies as possible,” but it is better to come up with something more sophisticated.
  2. Determine a target market. To find out what is the book’s target market try asking questions: What are the target countries? What languages are spoken there? How big is the potential audience in the intended geography? What demographic groups will be interested in the book? This is extremely important because the book translator will have to take all those parameters into account while choosing suitable grammatical constructions and vocabulary for the chosen reader. Also, make sure that the end-goal correlates with the chosen target market since it is the audience that will actually lead the author to the intended outcome.
  3. Hire a professional translation service. This step seems to be clear, yet it is probably the one that contains the most pitfalls. Translating a book is not an easy task it is a long and complicated process, so it can be associated with many risks. Consider the following parameters while reviewing book translation services available in the market: Do they have a money-back guarantee? Do they provide a certified translation? Ask how much does it cost to translate a book and how the price is calculated. Do they comply with deadlines? Will they conduct editing and proofreading? Ideally, read the reviews from other users about the translation company and then make the final decision.
  4. Edit and proofread. After the book has been finally translated and the raw text is ready, it is time for the part where most of the magic is done. Practically no good work can be achieved with book translations without re-reading and correcting. If the book is translated into multiple languages, this needs to be done for every one of them. Ideally, it should be done by at least two professionals to make sure the final result is smooth and fine.
  5. Publish, market, and monitor. Now, as the text is fully ready, one needs to find the publisher in the intended country. They will assist not only with publishing but also with marketing strategy and distribution chains. After the release, monitor the sales, meet with readers, be active on social media, and finally enjoy your success.

Reasons to Order Literary Translation Services with Us

GeniusTranslation helps businesses and individuals go global. We support over 50 languages and deal with any kind of work regardless of complexity. Here are some of the advantages that make us stand out among online translation services and provide top-quality service for customers:

  • Certified Translators. We have certified language experts in narrow fields that do book translation services and many more. From legal documents to business contracts, we have specialists holding certificates from reputable organizations to do such work.
  • Fast turnaround time. In our strive for excellence, we manage to complete language translation with the most pressing deadlines possible. Regardless of the time available to complete the work, it is always top quality made by a professional.
  • Money-back guarantee. Transparency and customer satisfaction matter to us above all. So if you would like to translate book into English or get any kind of other service, be sure that we have a money-back guarantee.
  • Security and Confidentiality. Often, we work with confidential documents or materials protected by copyright. Be sure that all information shared with us is totally safe.
  • Reasonable price. Price is another factor that attracts our customers. Even for a young writer, the cost of translating a book at GeniusTranslation is reasonable. We do our best to make our service affordable to everyone.
  • All Formats Supported. Our professionals deal with almost any kind of work related to the language industry and support practically any kind of format. Our team is skillful with multimedia projects, dubbing, and voice-overs, localization services, book translation with regards to making it into pages or simply plain text. We also work with images and are ready to try ourselves out with something new!

GeniusTranslation Offers Other Services too!

Book translation may also be associated with other types of work. For example, one might want to create an audiobook or a picture book with shorter text. These would require different services, such as translation, dubbing, or editing. However, we are not limited to book translation only and provide a myriad of other language services, such as business or academic translation service or even game localization. Here is a quick overview of what else we can do:

Any type of translation services, including video and audio translations - any multimedia formats are supported

Localization services - we deliver professional localization services for mobile apps, a product, a game, etc.

Proofreading - our professionals can correct any mistakes and boost text style

50+ languages - one can get not only a book translated to English but also into Chinese, Spanish, German, and many more languages!

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