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No matter what country we come from, we are all at least familiar with great works of literature and art. As we have moved through the modern eras of movies and television programming, and now, of course, the worldwide web, we have seen the global sharing of art and literature grow at record speeds. Consider, for example, in how many countries the latest Star Wars movie has been shown?

Likewise, all major literary publishers now translate their best sellers in multiple languages; self-published authors of e-books have their works translated in order to reach a global market as well.

All of these works in art and literature serve a great purpose. They bring people to greater understanding of one another through their cultures, beliefs, and ideas. And this is always a good thing.

Order Translation Services in Art & Literature

Culture – It’s an International Thing As the Need For Translation Grows

As the need has grown for exceptional translations of books, movies, plays, and TV scripts, as well as song lyrics, we have continued to expand our department of professionals in these areas. We do not employ native linguists who can just translate words on a page. We employ individuals with backgrounds in music, art, and literature who are able to convey meaning, tone and style as they translate. Art and literature are emotional statements, and those emotions must be transferred so that meaning is not lost in translation.

This is exactly why our translators are so in demand – they are masters of their crafts.

Types of Translations Commonly Ordered

Our business in this sphere has grown exponentially in recent years. Much of this growth has come from referrals of artists and writers to their colleagues. We have both long-term contracts with large publishers and screenwriters and short-term one-time relationships with those who publish only one work. It doesn’t matter to us. Every client receives the same exceptional translation work.

Currently, we are working on all of the following types of translation services in the arts:

  • TV programming – one-time movies, documentaries, and series

  • Major movies, musicals, and operas

  • Literary works of fiction and non-fiction

  • Web videos – informational and marketing

  • Lyrics for songs

  • Web-based content for artists, designers, and composers for downloading and marketing purposes

All of our clients, with large or small projects, receive the same superior service and expertise of native linguists who have the artistic backgrounds most appropriate for the project.

Additional Layer of Quality Control

We want every project to be perfect, and translations in the arts are no exception. It is our policy to always have another native linguist review the original translation work of the individual we assign to a project. This reviewer may pick up little nuances of emotion, meaning, and style that the original translator may have missed and may come up with a better word or phrase that better expresses it. We have a great collaborative atmosphere, and it works to better serve our clients.

We are Not finished When We Deliver Your Product

We realize that you are not fluent in the language(s) into which your work has been translated. However, we urge you to solicit the review of anyone you may know who does have such language fluency. If there are any changes you want based upon that review, we are happy to make them at no extra charge. We do not stop working until you have given your complete approval.

Fast, Reliable, and Reasonable

We are known for these three things. If you have an urgent need, we can honor that; our staff is large and trustworthy. You will always know where we are in the process.

We invite you to compare our pricing with other services. We are not the cheapest, by far, because we do not operate the way cheap services do. On the other hand, we are not a service that charges outrageous fees to clients who have urgent needs. Our profits are based upon volume of work and repeat business. So far, this has worked very well for us.

Let’s Talk

Whether your project is a major work or the lyrics to a single song, you will find that we can take your order and have the perfect translator on it quickly. Contact our customer support department for a discussion or complete the order form and let us get started.

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