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Educators from all over the world share many of the same goals. Whether they are teachers, professors, designers of curricula, researchers, or authors, they have a passion for the teaching and learning process. And they also have a need to share their work with other educators. When those educators are in another part of the world and speak another language, then translation becomes necessary.

Here are the types of academic translation services we offer to educators.

Order Translation Services in Academic

For Research

You are in the midst of the literature review research for your Ph.D. dissertation. You come across a piece of research, but only the title has been translated into English. The rest of the work is in Polish, and, of course, you don’t read Polish.

It’s time for a great Polish translator who also has a background in education – someone who understands the “jargon” and who can give you the piece in perfect English. And it turns out that it is a piece of relevant research that will fit well into your review – score!

The other side of the coin is this: You have completed a research project that has implications for education everywhere, and you want to share it with other educators in several countries. This can be done by publishing it in library research databases. Our educational translators in each country of your choice will get the job done for you.

Translations for Teachers, Professors, and Curriculum Designs

There are lots of needs for translation of learning materials, curriculum guides. When instructors have ESL students, especially at the secondary and collegiate levels, they often look for translators for their materials – syllabi, tests and quizzes, lecture notes, etc. ESL teachers specifically also often require translations.

Educators also like to share – they do so on the Internet. They share course curricula and unit/lesson plans. There are some international sites for teachers to share across borders, and translations are often required. Teachers find that we are very reasonable for these projects and use us often.

Textbook Publishing

Textbook publishing as gone global in recent years. Not only do large publishing houses use our services to translate their texts, individual professors who have written their own texts for the courses they teach often come to us for translations, so that they may market their texts to an international audience. This is a rapidly growing field of translation, and we have a large staff of translators with education degrees and backgrounds for such work.

We always match the content field and level of the text with the background of the translator we assign.

Our Process

The ordering process is easy and fast. You place an order and upload your materials. We analyze the material and locate the best qualified translator for the project. Once that translator is assigned, s/he and you will speak directly relative to any clarifications and details.

If the project is large, we usually assign a team of professionals and perhaps a project director. Our goal is to keep all projects running smoothly and completed by the client’s deadline requirements.

When the project is complete, we have several methods of delivery. These may include express transit by an international and reputable carrier (especially when original documents are involved), courier service, or through e-delivery in the case of curriculum and other learning materials.

Why We are the Preferred Service of So Many Educators

Educators, perhaps more than any other group, understand the need for accuracy and for cultural sensitivity. Our translators have these characteristics, because they are natives of the country for which they translate, and they all have educational backgrounds themselves. We insist upon it.

Large or Small – We Do It All

Whether you have a 2,000-word unit plan, a 6,000-word research article for a journal, or a 500-page textbook, we are prepared with the right staff and the procedures to get your translation completed as quickly as necessary. Urgent requests may require a team, and of course every project is also proofread before it is delivered to you. We are happy to discuss any project needs and deadlines you have.

We Believe in Collaboration

When clients submit projects to other services, they sit and wait, hoping that it is being completed correctly. We, on the other hand, leave nothing to chance. You and your translators will communicate all along the way. We need your input, and, especially for long projects, there will be drafts along the way, questions of you, and clarifications we will need. We ask that you remain available throughout. We want to know:

  • Methods of contact for you – email and phone number

  • Any changes that you may have in your specifications as the project moves long

  • Any questions or concerns you have throughout the process

  • As much detail as you are able to provide to supplement the materials you send to us

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