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Sharing knowledge is vital for the development of humanity. In this sense, academic translation services do not only make texts accessible to more readers but help academia connect globally in an effort to improve, explore and make people’s lives better. Scientific texts, research papers, and journals help not only professors stay tuned about new inventions in their field but also facilitate the improvement of the educational system, thus making students benefit too.

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Who Most Commonly Needs Academic Translation Agency

There is a wide variety of contexts in which the translation of scientific texts is needed, and not all of them seem obvious. Here is an overview of groups that benefit from academic translation the most:


They are among the key benefits of translating academic texts because the latter serves as the scientific base for learning programs. Students are also encouraged to look for sources of information for their writing assignments, and this signifies another need for academic translation services while learning. There can be many valuable articles in a foreign language that one needs to use in a master’s thesis or research, so learners might seek help from language professionals.


Scientific research is one of the key drivers of development based on the work of predecessors. It requires studying a lot of previous work in the subject area, which can be available in foreign languages. That is why researchers often need to translate academic articles, journals, and books.

Professors, Instructors, and Educational Program Designers

Those who design curriculums and course programs for educational institutions need to rely on scientific works to ensure quality learning and academic rigor. With the current trend for studying online, they also get more interested in eLearning translation service to boost accessibility to their platforms for more students worldwide.

Publishers of Educational Materials and Academic Journals

This is a huge industry with a lot of competition in it. Publishers of academic papers look for quality research worldwide to include in their issues to increase profits and ratings among scientific societies. Texts targeted at academic experts globally are key for such publishers to reach success. The situation with learning materials is similar: the more recent and more scientifically grounded textbooks are more likely to be sold at the market.

Why GeniusTranslation Is a Perfect Fit for Academic Translations.

There are many language services online, and all of them swear to be the best in the field. But you should trust only those who really care about each client and have great reviews. We have asked what our return customers liked about GeniusTranslation; here are the benefits they enjoy the most:

  • Subject Matter Experts Only. Our team includes many professionals in specific fields like medical, legal, or marketing translation, holding certificates from reputable organizations that prove their mastery in those subjects. We ensure quality and rigor for any academic translation paper in any scientific discipline. Any terms, citation standards, and content are strictly followed.
  • Professional Translators. GeniusTranslation provides online human translation services of top quality empowered by real professionals. Be sure that your text will be translated by a native speaker language expert dedicated to delivering a perfectly polished job.
  • Fast Turnaround and Timeliness. If you have an emergency and need the translation done very fast, we will do our best to help you with that. We know that time matters a lot for our customers, so we always make sure to comply with deadlines.
  • Security and Confidentiality. We often work with sensitive information, authors’ original content, or corporate secrets. For any kind of work, be it a medical certificate, localization services, or legal contracts, we ensure 100% safety and confidentiality of information.

Variety of Types of Academic Translation Service Available

Academic papers can be of various kinds. These can refer either to scientific work itself made by researchers or those that refer to actual education. Below there is a summary of some of the most popular academic texts:

  • Academic textbooks. Educational literature most often contains interpretations of authors and excerpts from academic papers by scholars. These can be textbooks, lectures, learning materials in multimedia formats, etc.
  • Admissions and enrollment paperwork. Students who seek to enroll in educational institutions abroad might need to prepare documents in a foreign language. For this purpose, they need academic translation service to translate their certificates, diplomas, theses, or some other required papers. For such official documents, it is necessary to get a certified translation.
  • Student services information. Studying requires not only educational materials but much organizational information too. Foreign students need to know the rules, rights, processes, and services available to them, so such information might need to be translated for them.
  • Certificates and diplomas. For any scholars and instructors who apply for work at foreign educational institutions, it is necessary to translate their diplomas and certificates to prove their qualifications.
  • Masters theses. Such academic works can be used by students who wish to continue their scholarly work at foreign universities as researchers. Also, master theses can be cited by other students in their papers.
  • Dissertations. These are scholarly papers written by associates to receive a higher academic level. It is similar to a master's thesis in its form but can be bigger in volume and focus on deeper analysis and research of a topic.
  • Academic research papers. Research articles are probably the biggest share of scholarly texts that are being translated worldwide. Since these are texts that require scientific rigor, an academic translator working on them needs to have field knowledge to be able to reflect any relevant terminology and nuances correctly.
  • Academic articles. Articles differ from research papers in a way that while there is actual scholarly work in an article, there is no research conducted. It can be done in the form of some meta-analysis or can describe a theoretical approach to studying a certain topic.
  • Academic journals. These are periodicals that contain several academic articles or research papers from different countries. Journal issues are usually published monthly or quarterly and are indexed by academic societies such as Scopus.

Plenty of Services at GeniusTranslation for Everyone

Our company works with different types of language services We not only provide academic translation services but also work with dozens of other types of translation, do editing, proofreading, and work with multimedia content, dubbing, voice-overs, and localization. The table below briefly describes our services for individuals and businesses:

All types of translation services, including video and audio translations - We provide professional translation services of any kind: business, medical, legal, academic, or technical. Our language experts also provide a certified translation in any industry.

Localization services - The team of translators at GeniusTranslation can localize any kind of product. We support digital services and app localization for a reasonable price.

Proofreading and editing - Proficient language experts can edit and proofread any kind of text in any industry, be it a business memo or a letter to a friend.

Over 50 languages - We translate to and from over 50 languages around the globe.

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