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Online courses are becoming very popular nowadays. The reason for this is that they are convenient, cheaper than formal education, and yet can be designed very professionally. Consequently, this trend leads to higher demand for eLearning translation services to widen the potential audience for online education. Such services often include multimedia translation and video dubbing, as learning programs on the web often utilize visual materials and recorded lectures.

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What service is called E-learning translation?

Let us start with the notion of eLearning (E-Learning). This is the form of studying online on digital platforms. These may be some individual courses or series of such devoted to specific subjects. Some of the popular websites for eLearning are Coursera, Khan Academy Future Learn, etc. There are paid and free programs with or without a certificate of completion. In their turn, eLearning translations include turning the training programs into another language and localization of the content. Language experts who work on such projects need to be aware of the educational and cultural peculiarities of the countries of the source and target tongues to be able to provide relevant context for the learners.

How Your Business Can Benefit from eLearning Translation

E-Learning is especially beneficial for business. HR specialists reveal that nowadays, more and more employees pay attention to the ability to achieve professional and personal growth when looking for a job rather than merely considering salary as a key parameter. This requires employers to seek how they facilitate development in the workplace. One of the good options for them is online education which may include anything from E-learning language courses and training in using new software to boosting leadership and acquiring new skills. Their obvious benefits are flexibility and cost-effectiveness in comparison to formal education. But let us look in detail at how the translation of online training programs benefits businesses:

Train employees worldwide

One of the key advantages of online learning is that one can do it anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. This is especially important for multinational companies that operate in different countries. Once a course is translated, an employer gives it to hundreds of employees in a different country.

Empower teams with professionals

It is always a good idea to train one’s own employees rather than to look for people with needed qualifications from outside. The reason for this is that employees already know a lot about the project and do not need onboarding and time to get to know every aspect. At GeniusTranslation service, we provide work with eLearning in a lot of fields, including technical translations and the IT sector, language courses, finance programs, and many more.

Provide more career growth opportunities within the company

The ability to have career growth motivates employees a lot. With the help of eLearning translations, a company may raise their own strong professionals for higher positions. This is both beneficial for businesses and for employees.

Save costs on external recruitment

The process of searching for professionals for new positions from outside can be very expensive. The costs for recruitment include the work of HR specialists, ads, and promotion of a position on job sites. While online courses are relatively affordable, a company saves money on teaching their employees.

Translation Helps eLearning Platforms Become Successful

It often happens that online courses are available in one language only. However, the E-learning business sector also benefits from E-learning translation services by giving access to their programs to more and more people worldwide. Here is an overview of the main benefits of translation online education platforms:

  • Attract more learners. This one seems rather clear. Translating eLearning materials into multiple languages lets more people access the learning materials and study.
  • Enter new markets. With the help of professional online translation services eLearning companies can enter much bigger markets and attract more people. A good start would be to focus on the world’s most popular languages and then gradually move to potentially attractive countries with smaller numbers of speakers.
  • Boost the company’s profits. This benefit is a consequence of the first two. eLearning platforms by means of translating training courses may increase their income. Becoming more popular worldwide also helps companies reduce costs on ads.

Stages of eLearning Translation Process

Online training programs often contain different media, including video lectures, pictures, graphs, podcasts, and interactive exercises. This makes the entire process of translation more complicated and time-consuming and requires a whole team of language professionals and experts in specific subjects to work on them. It may pose a serious challenge for eLearning translation services, which do not do such projects often. But at GeniusTranslation service, we have considerable experience working with online courses and have specialists in any industry who can nail it. Below is a short description of the process of translating the eLearning program:

  1. Extract text from all media. The first step is to retrieve all the texts from the media available in the course. It includes video scripts in the native language, texts, information on pictures, graphs, user interfaces, etc. All extracted information is then categorized and ready to be processed.
  2. Translate and localize materials. Next, all the text is translated and localized. Audio files in the target language are recorded.
  3. Import translated text and multimedia into the course. After that, it is time to put all translations in their place. The translated interface is given to the IT team to update the buttons. Texts in lectures and exercises are inserted into the right places.
  4. Synchronize the audio files with video and graphics. Now it is time to work with multimedia. At this stage, professional eLearning services make sure that all audio recordings are fitted in the right place and that all images correspond to their captions. This job requires a lot of focus and precision.
  5. Double-check and proofread. After all the major work is done, a language expert needs to double-check every single part of the program and make sure there are no errors.
  6. Review by multiple team members. Some subtle inaccuracies and typos are hard to notice for a person who worked on the project. So at this stage, the work is reviewed by other team members and native speakers who can determine whether eLearning localization was done correctly and effectively. In case any issues are detected, the needed steps are repeated again.

Why eLearning Course Localization Is of Top Importance

It is clear how the process of translation of online educational training is done. Yet there is also another vital part of it that determines whether the content of a course is understandable for a learner from a context different from that of the original language. It is called an E-learning localization service, which refers to the adaptation of the text and narration of a training program into the target language. This is required because the context and cultures in different countries can vary significantly.

Despite the general globalization trend, learners from different environments might be insensitive to some references as they listen to music, eat food, watch movies, and enjoy art totally different from that in another part of the world. That is why it is important to keep learning materials culturally relevant for students from the countries of the target language. A professional localization company will make sure an eLearning training contains materials and contexts recognizable by the audience for which it is made. Recognizable ones should either substitute any unfamiliar notions or need to be explained with consideration of cultural context.

GeniusTranslation Offers End-to-end E-learning Localization
Our company has a wide network of language experts worldwide. This allows us to provide a wide range of services and translate into more than 50 languages. We also offer professional end-to-end eLearning localization service of top quality and at a reasonable price. We work with various types of files and programs. Our localization service for online learning platforms includes processing:  

  • Text. We translate any kind of text with regard to cultural context. This includes such learning materials as reading assignments, exercises, etc.
  • Audio files. Our experts localize audio in any format required. Just be sure to specify it.
  • Video. GeniusTranslation offers video localization in the forms of subtitling, dubbing, or voice-over.
  • Visual materials. We localize images, graphs, and other materials such as the Certificate of Completion of eLearning courses and any other visuals.
  • Interface elements. Our team provides full E-learning translation service of a user interface of a platform, including localization of navigation buttons, menu, and available functions.
  • Data formatting. We make sure that any common data standards are localized. We convert into the target language date formatting, time zone, locally common units of measurement, currency, etc.

We Support Multimedia Translation in Any Format

Our specialists work practically with any format. When it comes to video editing, we do captioning, subtitling, dubbing, and voiceover synchronization. With visuals, we edit PDF documents and graphs, work with photo editors, etc.

We support common eLearning tools such as Captivate, Lectora, Google Slides, Articulate, Microsoft PowerPoint, and many others.

GeniusTranslation Provides Many Language Services in Different Industries

Check out what other services we provide:

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Proofreading - Language experts at GeniusTranslation also do proofreading and editing. Do not hesitate to try it out if you want your text perfectly polished.

50+ languages - We have a big team of top professionals around the globe who support over 50 languages for translation.

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