Today, more than ever in the past, companies in the technical sector are moving into foreign markets at an astonishingly fast pace. In order to make this happen, companies must rely on translation services. This is imperative when it comes to communicating with customers and potential customers, developing relationships with suppliers and distributors, and otherwise ensuring that their products and services are ready to be sold and marketed in their new locales.

This includes translating instructional materials, manuals, protocols, marketing materials, recruiting and employee documentation, websites and landing pages, and much more. In order to meet these needs, we contract with translation professionals who are capable of interpreting technical documents of all types.

Because the specific needs of each client can vary, we are prepared to employ teams of varying sizes and backgrounds to complete technical translation projects. For example, a small app developer who wishes to have their app made available in another country might only need a small team of translators. They would likely provide in app translations, translate instructional material, and provide translations for the information appearing on the app website, and on the app store.

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On the other hand, let’s say that a company manufacturing smart watches wishes to open up a manufacturing facility in China. This project would likely require a large team of technical, translation professionals with varying backgrounds to complete. Documents would need to be translated that ranged from product specifications to marketing slicks to website content to employment documentation.

Whatever the need is, we are able to meet it while providing the highest in quality, certified translations.  It doesn’t matter if it is a single product brochure, or the entirety of a technical manufacturer's technical documentation.

We Offer Translation Services to A Wide Variety of High-Tech Organizations

Are you unsure about our ability to help you? Here are just a few of the industries in which we have successfully translated thousands of lines of text:

  • Software And App Development

  • Mobile Devices

  • Internet of Things And Wearable Technology

  • Hardware Consoles And Components

  • Audio Visual

  • Telecommunications

  • Home Theater Systems

  • Virtual And Augmented Reality

  • Networking And Security

  • Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering

  • Databases

  • Textbooks And Manuals

  • Websites

  • eLearning

  • Source Code

  • Software Documentation

  • Video Games

  • eCommerce

In addition to translating technical materials, we also provide important localization services. This is extraordinarily important when it comes to marketing tech products in other countries. Localization efforts ensure that your products, services, and marketing efforts are successful in foreign markets. This means digging a bit past translation and paying attention to your messaging.

Remember that all it takes is one culturally insensitive advertisement or unintentionally offensive web page to derail your efforts to build an audience in a new country, or to establish friendly relationships with manufacturers or distributors within that country.

We Also Offer Industrial And Manufacturing Translation Services

In addition to needing a wide variety of technical documents translated, many organizations need our assistance as they work to establish manufacturing and industrial operations in foreign countries. This niche requires a unique combination of being able to understand local customs, possessing knowledge or relevant rules and regulations, and having an understanding of how the local business ecosystem works.

This is why anybody performing manufacturing or industry specific translations for us must have an educational and professional background in this sector. Where many companies relied on local translators in the past, this is no longer on option today. Companies must use certified translators in order to ensure that the translations they rely on are as accurate as they need to be.

How important is this? When it comes to manufacturing items for the technical or industrial sectors, precision is key. A mistranslation on a blueprint or spec could result in an entire run of unusable product. In some cases, that could literally cost a business millions of dollars. Imagine missing an important production deadline because a document used the word prefix instead of milli?

Of course, it’s important to remember that a company doesn’t even need to relocate in order to need translation services. One company might purchase materials directly from mining operations in one country, contract for partial assembly of products in another, and then have the products finished and packaged in yet another location. That’s potentially three different languages being used by three different businesses, all of which have an impact on the quality of the final product.

We translate the following items for manufacturing and industrial projects:

  • Blueprints And Specifications

  • Safety Manuals

  • Packaging

  • Shipping Orders

  • Protocols

  • Production Schedules

  • Price Lists

  • Manufacturer’s Instructions

  • More

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