Legal documents are complicated and difficult to understand no matter what language they are in. When you need to have a legal document translated, that adds an entirely new layer of complexity. Imagine navigating a divorce in a foreign language. What would you do if you wanted to buy property and all of the documents were in a language that you didn’t speak? Not only would you need someone who could effectively translate all of the related documents for you, the job would also require that your translator had specific training and experience that qualifies them to work with legal paperwork.

It’s no easy task to find people who are truly qualified to work on legal translations. The screening process is lengthy and complex. Fortunately, in spite of this difficulty, we have managed to put together a team of translators who have legal experience. We have screened them for you, so you don’t have to.

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Legal Translations - When Errors Are Simply Unacceptable

How did we manage to get this done? We designed an extraordinary screening program. That combined with a lengthy series of interviews, and intensive background checks means that our legal translators are up to the job. They are legal experts in their native countries, and fully qualified to translate legal documents. We have even obtained verification of this from state and local authorities, where this applies.

Who are these folks? Many are, of course, lawyers. Others are legal aides, paralegals, entrepreneurs, public administrators, and others who are qualified within their countries of origin to do this work. We work hard to find translators who have more than just general legal knowledge, we work with those who have experience in specific areas of law. This way your unique translation needs can be met.

Legal Translation by Subject Area

Please take a moment to read about the specific types of legal translation that we do.

Laws And Statutes

In some cases, a client may simply need a translation of laws and legal statutes that may apply to them in a given situation. Knowledge can be a powerful thing, and in the case of the law, a protective thing. When a client needs quick legal translation so that they can better understand a law, our translators can often provide them to them in just a few hours. Our goal is to ensure that people  understand their rights and responsibilities under the law no matter where they are.

Business Regulations

In certain areas of business, there are regulations that apply that exist in addition to standard business laws. These often relate to the medical sector, finance, education, utilities, and natural resources. In many cases, this area of law involves taxes and tariffs, safety regulations, import and export law, and a variety of other considerations. Our legal translators can help business professionals understand these regulations and ensure that they are in full compliance.


Becoming the citizen of a new country can be a dream come true. It can also come at the end of a long and traumatizing process. Immigration can be difficult, costly, and emotionally draining. The last thing anybody needs is to have the process stalled or derailed because they misunderstood a legal document. Fortunately, our qualified translators can interpret any legal documentation related to immigration law so that all involved parties have the information that they need.

Financial And Business Law

We have sought out translators with experience specifically in financial and business law. They can help consumers by translating contracts, leases, intellectual property documents, employment agreements, and a variety of other legal documents. This includes documents related to real estate transactions.

Marriage And Family Law

Marriages, adoptions, and divorces are all big events. When you have to figure things out in another language, things can become even more complex. Fortunately, our marriage and family law translators can take legal documents related to any family law matter and translate them as needed.

Don’t Take Chances When it Comes to The Law!

If there is one area where guessing or hoping for the best is a bad idea, it is the law. Don’t allow yourself to get on the wrong side of the law in a place where you do not speak the language. Let our legal, translation experts help you today.

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