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Translating a text from one language to another is one thing, but legal translation is a whole other thing. It's more complex and demanding for the translator, which is why people should turn to legal translation services. It refers to translating all types of legal information, documents, and speech from the source to the target language. Translators must know the legal system and terminology to provide accurate translations and avoid causing legal damage. Luckily, certified translation services hire professional legal translators who are trained to handle it no matter the type of document or nature of the legal matter.

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When To Hire Certified Legal Translation Services?

There are numerous cases in which you should hire legal translation services instead of trusting a translator who doesn’t have legal knowledge. Below, we’ve made a list of the typical situations in which it’s best and smartest to go with a legal translation professional.

Starting a business

When starting a business, you'll be dealing with legal documents, compliance with laws and regulations, communication with foreign partners, and more. If you plan on doing business in more than one country, it's a reason to hire someone to translate legal documents for you.

Creating a partnership between companies

When two companies are partnering but are from different countries, all their legal paperwork is in two sets of languages. You must find proper legal translations to have these translated, thus protecting your interests and closing a deal that works for both sides.

Contracts of sale and purchase of products and services

Buying or selling goods and services to or from someone who doesn’t speak your language is common today. It’s another case when customers need to translate legal documents. Your contracts must be available in both languages to ensure respecting all legal aspects of the deal.

Relocating employees across borders

You require legal documents translation services to handle personal documents, immigration papers, visas, and contracts of the employees you’re sending abroad.

Immigration documents

Immigration papers, including visas, work permits, residence permits, travel documents, and more, must be translated by certified translation services. Otherwise, immigration services may reject your application.

Starting or responding to lawsuits filed in foreign courts

If you're part of a foreign court lawsuit, they'll request your documents to be translated into their language.

Translating evidence collected for cases

If the evidence you’ve collected is supposed to be presented in a foreign court, it must be translated by a legal translation service. This is the only way for it to be accepted and included in the case.

International business deals

Hire a legal translation company for all international business affairs. Clear communication and an adequate legal foundation are necessary in these cases.

Localization services

Laws differ from one country to the other, and the same rules are not applicable in both cases. You may require localization services to adapt the source documents to the target country and its laws.

Applying for licenses in other countries

Finally, if you’re applying for any kind of license in a foreign country, they’ll ask for your documents to be translated and certified.

What Types of Certified Legal Translation Services Do We Offer?

Now that we’ve covered the situations in which you must hire legal translation services, let’s look at the types of legal translations we cover.

  • Birth Certificate: It’s necessary to have a translated birth certificate as proof of identity in several situations. That includes applying for a scholarship or student exchange, applying for a job, immigration and visa documents, marriage or divorce proceedings, and more.
  • Divorce Certificate: People need their divorce certificate for remarrying, insurance planning, property issues, or changing their legal status. Only professional legal translation services can issue a certified translation of this document.
  • Marriage Certificate: This certificate is required for legal purposes such as changing your name, applying for a visa and immigrating, social benefits, and more. We issue legal translation for this document as well.
  • Driver License: Foreign rental car services will ask for a translated driver’s license. If you’re changing residence to another country, you’ll utilize one permanently.
  • USCIS documents: We provide certified translations of all forms asked by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for any occasion.
  • Medical records: If a patient is receiving care or treatment outside of their country, their medical records must be translated.
  • Academic transcripts and diplomas: Applying for a foreign country college, exchange program, or any job outside your country calls for a translation of all your academic transcripts and diplomas.
  • Any other documents on your demand: Finally, if you want any other kind of legal or business document translation, we will handle it professionally and seamlessly.

Why Choose GeniusTranslation for Your Legal Documents Translations?

Searching online, you’ll find a ton of translation services that offer legal translations. Still, at GeniusTranslation, we guarantee the highest quality and accuracy. Here’s how we make it happen.

  • Professional translators: We only hire highly trained and experienced professional writers with deep knowledge of the legal systems in the countries whose languages they speak.
  • Certifications: We issue certifications of translation accuracy which are essential for any official legal document translation.
  • Security and Confidentiality: Using our services is 100% confidential and secure. We keep your personal information private and don’t allow any third parties to acquire them.
  • Native speakers: We hire native speakers from more than 100 countries who speak more than 50 languages. This means we offer the widest variety of legal translation services. Whatever combination of languages you request, we’ve got your back.
  • Timely delivery: When placing an order for any legal language services, customers get to choose the preferred timing for order completion. We'll meet at any time that is chosen and produce the translation as agreed.
  • Money-back guarantee: If, for any reason, the customer is unhappy with the result of our legal translation online services, they have 14 days to file a claim. After a revision, we’ll try to correct all mistakes. If the customer is still unhappy, which happens close to never, we’ll consider a refund.
  • Best prices: When compared to other legal document translation services, we offer fair prices. Our services are highly professional and reliable, but our prices are affordable.

What Other Services Does GeniusTranslation Offer?

Apart from translating legal documents, Genius Translation offers other services that our customers love. Here’s what else we can help you with.

Other translation services - We handle technical, medical, academic, and personal translations of any kind. We also do video and audio translations.

Localization services - At GeniusTranslation you can receive localization services for your business, blog, or personal needs.

Proofreading - We check the accuracy, readability, and punctuation of the text provided by our customers. After correcting the mistakes, we issue the final version that is ready to be officially used.

50+ languages - We offer services in more than 50 languages so our customers can find everything they desire in one place.

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