Technology has transformed business and banking.

  • Large banks now have a full international reach

  • Online banking in hundreds of languages is common.

  • E-commerce companies are going global with products and services

  • Major corporations headquartered in one country are setting up shop all over the planet

All of these phenomena mean that peoples of many different native languages must communicate with one another, not just digitally, but with correspondence, documents, policy manuals, and more. All business operations, in fact, must occur in the language of the host country, and this has meant a growing need for accurate translation which machines cannot always provide.

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Genius Translation for Business and Finance – The Need For Human Translation

Localization of business and financial operations means that translations must not only be accurate. They must reflect the language nuances of countries and regions within those countries. And they must take into account the cultural specificity of those regions as well. This is especially true when banks and businesses have websites and other online services for international customers.

When both accuracy and localization are necessary, human translators who are native linguists and who have backgrounds in business, finance, and local law are all necessary for proper translation. Such translators are available through Genius Translation, for any specific need.

Why Genius Translation is Your Best Option

Our translators are employed because they have the following expertise:

  • They have exceptional native language skills having grown up and been educated in the language into which they are translating

  • They have background in business, finance, and/or law, depending on the specific needs of the client

  • They often work in teams on client projects – this ensures that cultural specificity is honored, that there is accuracy in terminology, and that all local, regional, and national laws and regulations of the host country are adhered to.

Typical Business/Finance Translation Needs We Meet

The following is a listing of the most common translation project requests we receive and complete:

  • IPO’s

  • Shareholder Agreements and Contracts

  • Financial Reports – those required by local law and regulations as well as quarterly and annual reports for investors and shareholders

  • M & A Litigation

  • Business Plans

  • Investor Reports

  • Underwriting, especially for insurance and mortgages

  • Leases

  • Mortgage contracts

  • Financial Statements

  • Policy and Procedures Manuals

  • Reports required by local governmental and taxing authorities

  • Website and other online transactional services

  • Minutes of Board Meetings

  • Correspondence

  • Legal documents which must be filed with local authorities

  • Investment contracts/agreements

Obviously, these translations require native linguists with the appropriate business, financial, and legal backgrounds. And this is precisely what Genius Translation provides.

How We Work

Any business/financial enterprise first contacts us with their need(s). We hold discussions with these individuals to determine the specific requirements. Only then can we assign the most appropriate translators to the task(s) involved.

The client and the assigned translator(s) continue discussion and communication throughout the entire project completion. Every detail is important, and we leave nothing to chance. Our legal translation department experts are also involved, so that all documents are in full compliance with local laws and regulations. We have local attorneys on contract to review all documents and ensure that every detail is correct.

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