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Commerce is often considered one of the key drivers of human development. Both domestic and international enterprises might often need to order business translation services to facilitate them in the process. In a broad sense, such a type of language service refers to anything related to commercial activity. In a narrower understanding, it means working with contracts, patents, correspondence, financial reports, marketing and legal documents, and other types of papers that enterprises might need for their functioning.

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Types of Business Document Translation Services We Provide

There is a myriad of documents that businesses work with. Here are some of the most common ones that may require translation:

Business Articles

These can be news or analytical articles about commerce. They may highlight some recent events in business, provide an overview or analysis of the market or discuss some important challenges for entrepreneurs.

Business plans and proposals

Such documents outline the strategy of a company for a certain period or a certain project. For language specialists who provide business plan translation services, it is important to have experience and field knowledge in this sector. This is required to ensure precision and accuracy.

Business License

License is official permission from a country to conduct certain activities such as commerce, banking, etc. When a business enters a new market abroad, it might need to get a translation for documents to receive a license in a foreign body.

Merger and acquisition documents

Such papers are needed when one company buys another one. In such cases, a professional in business translation might be required if the companies are from different countries. They need to describe the relations between them, the conditions of the merger, etc., in one or more languages.

Employee handbook

This is a document that regulates rules for employees and employers. They might contain information about opportunities and responsibilities, procedures of QA and complaints resolution, information about business trips, compensations, vacations, etc.


It is practically impossible to have any enterprise that does not have a website because the latter can be effectively used for attracting new customers. For translating the content on the internet, a business translator might need to take into account SEO and keyword optimization embedded on the original page.

Mobile applications

Any business is now trying to fit into a mobile phone as it adds flexibility and easier access. So entering new markets might require localization and translation of mobile apps for users.

Patent documents

A patent is an exclusive right to use some original invention in commerce. The process of receiving it might be very tedious, and for such business document translation services, a language expert might need to be certified.

Legal contracts

Such documents regulate the relationships of the business with any parties, employees, suppliers, tenants, owners, contractors, third parties, etc. These can vary greatly from NDA to merger documents and service agreements.

Brand videos

Such video clips help other businesses and customers get to know the company and develop a certain feeling about it. It is common practice that such materials are shared internationally, and business translation services, in this case, help with dubbing and localization. Brand videos need to correspond to the company’s positioning and tone of voice.

Marketing materials

These refer to many different forms. Online forms of digital marketing and SEO and also physical ads on billboards, in magazines, etc. Such materials need to be localized in order to appeal to the intended audience’s cultural perception.

Promotional materials

Promo campaigns are often intended to boost sales or attract more people to a certain business. Similarly, to marketing materials in the online business translation of promotional media, it is important to be culturally sensitive. If a business is launching a promo in a foreign country, localization might also be required.


Brochures are typically folded paper that contains some infographics and highlights about a business. These are often used at international conferences and exhibitions, so corporate translation services might be needed for translating brochures for foreign audiences.

Media scripts

This is a part of marketing and brand positioning. Media scripts might also require localization services as they can be perceived differently in different cultures.


A newsletter in business may be internal within a company or open to the public. Typically, such papers contain some news and updates on business performance or the launch of new projects.

GeniusTranslation Offers Translation Services for Businesses in Any Industry

Businesses and their peculiarities can differ greatly. Companies working on the stock exchange have absolutely different documents from those who do logistics. So it means that their needs for professional translation services are not the same. Let’s review some of the popular industries and the types of documents they regularly use:

  • Banking and Finance. Such businesses often need financial reports, licenses, and contracts. For such companies, it is important that a business language translator understands financial and legal aspects. This is especially important as the banking sphere is closely supervised by financial regulators.
  • Legal. This industry functions in two ways. It serves its own needs with regard to law and its interpretation, or it facilitates businesses of any kind in their work by assisting with documents and contracts.
  • Medical and healthcare. Companies that deal with the medical and healthcare sector facilitate communication between doctors, nurses, and patients. To be able to translate medical records, internal regulations, and protocols for treatment, professional translation services might require a special certification.
  • Manufacturing. Businesses that produce goods have a lot of internal technical documentation. Also, they might need help from a business translation agency when they sign contracts with suppliers and clients from abroad. In addition, for their products, manufacturers might need user manuals in foreign languages so they would need assistance from a technical translator.
  • Software and gaming. IT companies and game developers create products for individuals and businesses all over the world. For software, it is often required to translate the user interface, while for gaming video game localization services are a must to enter global markets.
  • Travel and Tourism. In tourism, foreign languages matter a lot. The documents often used in this industry are contracts with hotels, airlines, etc., that are empowered with business translation online and medical and other documents required for traveling to some countries. These can be vaccination certificates, visas, etc.
  • Social Media. In this industry, big companies have many local offices around the world and thousands of employees, so they have hundreds of contracts, licenses, etc. Also, they might need to translate the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for users.

Why Our Business Translation Service is Top-Notch

There are many good reasons why GeniusTranslation stands out in the field of language services. Here are just some of them:

  • Professional translators in any field. We employ top human translators worldwide who are proficient in narrow fields such as education, law, economics, etc. A huge number of them hold certificates from international translation communities.
  • Fast turnaround time. We know that time may mean a lot to our customers. So we deliver business translation services as fast as possible and are very flexible in this regard. If you need a translation in just a few hours, we will be able to assist you.
  • Money-back guarantee. We respect our customers and their rights, so we provide a money-back guarantee for any order.
  • Reasonable price. Our pricing scheme is clear. We know that for small business owners, expenses matter a lot, so we keep our prices reasonable.
  • Security and Confidentiality. Security means a lot to companies. For any type of business documents translation we guarantee 100% confidentiality. Any data shared with GeniusTranslation is fully protected.

Range of Other Services GenuisTranslation Provides

Business translation is just one of the many industries we support. In the table below, there is a brief outline of what other services we provide.

Any type of translation services, including video and audio translations - For legal, educational, financial, technical, and business translations, we provide any kind of language services, from working with text, video, and any multimedia. We also provide certified medical translation service by top professionals in the industry.

Localization services - We deliver localization services for any products, from video games to apps, websites, and anything one can think of.

Proofreading - If one is not sure about grammar or business language style, we can proofread and edit any text.

50+ languages - Our professional language experts translate to and from over 50 world languages.

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