Professional Medical Translation Services: GeniusTranslation Overview

Translating medical documents of any kind is a complex translation assignment. At GeniusTranslation, we offer professional medical translation services for individuals, academics, researchers, businesses, as well as health institutions. We understand the importance of accurate and impeccable translations that need to be used in patient treatments, courts of law, clinical research, labs, or otherwise. This is why we prioritize hiring strictly professional, medically trained language experts who are fully acquainted with medical terms as well as procedures.

This means we’re more than just a translation company. Our specialized services make us stand out from the rest. We offer reliable, affordable, but highly professional medical language services.

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Why Choose Professional Medical Translation Services?

People believe that anyone who speaks two languages is qualified to be a translator. On top of that, some believe that any translator can work with any kind of text they run into. This is far from the truth. People who need translating medical documents must understand how important it is to hire professionals. Below, we’ll break down two main reasons to do so.

Medical Translation Complexity

Medical translation requires linguists to have strong knowledge and understanding of medical terminology, procedures, concepts, as well as pharmacology. They must also possess knowledge of how things are done in hospitals, clinics, labs, healthcare institutions, or institutes. Every professional medical translator is obliged to continually learn and educate themselves on the latest discoveries in medicine and be familiar with this field completely. This is why an ordinary person cannot deal with medical texts successfully.

Professional Translators

The second reason why you should hire professional medical translation services is that this is the only place where such trained and versed language specialists work. At GeniusTranslations, we only hire experts who have training plus experience working with medical files. We also have translators who specialize in specific areas of medicine, like pharmacology, ophthalmology, general medicine, and more.

Who Contracts Our Medical Translation Services?

There are different groups of people, companies, businesses, and individuals who hire our medical document translation services. We work with people from all branches of medicine, from students or trainees to healthcare institutions, labs, and hospitals. We’ll break down the most common cases in which our online language translation services are in high demand.

  • Pharmaceutical companies: Most pharmaceutical companies require medical translation for reasons such as entering new markets, complying with different laws or procedures, as well as collecting data in multiple languages to conduct research or clinical trials.
  • Clinical research organizations: Clinical research requires operating in different countries and gathering data in several languages. Then, they need medical translators to translate the data and allow them to work on it.
  • Manufacturers of medical and surgical devices: Medical and surgical devices are typically manufactured to be sold across international markets. Manufacturers need translations of instruction manuals, product specifications, regulatory documents, labeling, and more.
  • Biotech Labs and Institutes: Biotech labs and institutes reach out to a medical translation agency to help with international collaboration, compliance, publishing their work internationally, or even patent applications.
  • Health Clinics: A professional healthcare interpreter is essential for any healthcare clinic that treats foreign patients, uses foreign research data, attends or hosts international seminars, and hires international specialists.
  • Hospitals: Just like health institutions, hospitals, too, require medical documents translation services to translate medical records, explain their procedures to foreign patients, translate materials for their employees, and more. Finally, we cater to the needs of any other type of customer or client in the medical field, regardless of their specific requests and translation details.

What Medical Document Translation Services Do We Handle?

Our customers come to us with a wide range of medical translation requests, challenging us to improve our healthcare translation services and offer only the best results. Over the years, we’ve dealt with medical content of all ranges, purposes, and types. This has helped us grow more confident, in addition to giving us the ability to accept virtually any type of medical translation assignment. Here are some typical medical translation requests we receive and easily handle.

Patient instructions

Patient instructions are the type of medical content we deal with daily. They’re used to help the patients understand their treatment, a medical procedure they’ll undergo, or their recovery process. This is immensely important for their recovery and successful medical treatment. This is why healthcare institutions try to offer it in the patient’s native language, to be certain they fully understand and agree with the proposed treatment plan.

Patient records

We often handle medical records translation services, meaning we translate patients’ medical histories. This is typically requested when a patient is being treated in a foreign country, and their doctors have to learn about their medical history. Without this, doctors would have a difficult time providing patients with the best care possible.

Drug labeling and packaging

Pharmaceutical companies that are active internationally require all their drug labeling plus packaging translated into the language of the market. It's a highly sensitive assignment that only medical translation companies deal with.

Clinical trials

The data and facts gathered by a clinical trial in one country are useful to researchers all over the globe. We translate those documents to make the results of the trial available worldwide.

Pharmacological studies

Pharmacological studies are also often translated from their source language to numerous others. This way, other pharmacologists, researchers, and scientists use their findings.

CRA Training Materials & Videos

Clinical Research Associates (CRA) require their training materials and videos translated into multiple languages, and we offer this service via our medical translation services online. This way, they expand their training reach and make the materials available for trainees globally.

Medical multimedia audio and visual

Medical multimedia, such as presentations, images, videos, as well as interactive elements, are used to train professionals, educate healthcare patients, and convey any type of medical information. We issue medical translations of such multimedia to be used globally.

Production Manuals

Production processes and procedures in the medical field come with specific guidelines, rules, and instructions. Translating those is essential for maintaining the quality and secure production of different devices and products.

Scientific Journal Articles

Next on our list of highly demanded translation services in healthcare is the translation of scientific journals and articles. These are often used as references for other people’s research, papers, dissertations, and more. They’re also used by students to learn from or by other academics to stay informed.

Medical Software and Hardware

Technology is highly involved in today’s medical practices. We translate medical software in addition to the hardware found in the tools, apps, and programs used by medical professionals. We also do website localization for health institutions. This is done to ensure maximum user understanding, regulatory compliance, patient safety, and more.

Or any other document or medical content on your demand

Finally, we offer everything from medical record translation services to translating medical technology. If our customers have any other type of medical content that needs translation, we’ll gladly accept all demands.

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the list of medical translation services that we cover. Thanks to our team of trained experts, this list keeps on expanding.

Other Services We Offer

Apart from medical translation, our services handle various other customer requests with equal professionalism plus precision. Here’s what else our customers can request.

Any type of translation - We offer more than just certified medical translation services. We work with content from any other industry and of any other type or form. That includes legal, technical, finance, academic, and other types of content.

Localization services - We also provide professional localization service for businesses and individuals who require their content available in different languages.

Proofreading - Whether you want to publish something online, post it on social media, or submit it to your college or work, we proofread it for you. We'll check the accuracy, grammar, and punctuation of your content and make it impeccable.

50+ languages - We can translate your content into more than 50 different languages thanks to the wide variety of professional translators and writers that we hire.

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