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It is no longer enough for your business to extend its reach across the globe. In fact, globalization efforts can only take you so far. If you want to reach people with your products and services, you have to communicate to them in ways that they find both understandable and relatable. While translating your web content is part of this, localization plays an even greater role. This is because localization takes into consideration culture, tradition, and unique use of language that makes each community unique.

Why Should Brands Care About Localization?

You’ve probably surfed into more than one website that has been translated but not localized. They are easy to recognize. The content is often technically correct, and the spelling and grammar would certainly pass muster in an academic setting. In spite of all of this, you instantly recognize that things aren’t right. The use of language is often stilted, even dated. Cultural references are off base. You might have thought to yourself, ‘How weird. I don’t know anybody who actually speaks this way.

Worse, you may have even noticed things that did make the content harder to understand. For example, a cooking website using metrics instead of standard units of measurement in spite of being aimed at audience members from the United States.

If this bothered you, and you felt as if you should not conduct business with a company that would publish such a website, there is a good reason for this. First and foremost, if a company cannot be bothered to communicate with locals in a way that they can understand and in a way that respects their language and culture, why should those locals reward them with their business? It also brings up issues of trust and reliability.

The Relationship Between Translation And Localization

Translation is an important part of the process of localizing your web content. In fact, it is the first step. However, because our localization experts possess more than intellectual understanding of the languages they work with, they can make your content relatable to locals as well as simply translating them. This means modifying your branding and messaging so that it has the impact that you want on your target audience. In addition to this, localization can help insure that you do not make statements that are culturally insensitive or offensive.

Even if Your Audience Speaks Your Language; Localization Can Still Help

There are more than 20 Spanish speaking countries in the world. Even in English speaking countries, there are still communities where the majority of the citizens are native Spanish speakers. If you were to visit any of these countries or communities, you would quickly notice that the Spanish spoken from one place to the next is quite different. Each place has developed its own language traditions, idioms, colloquialisms, slang terms, and cultural references. The same thing applies to nearly any language. This is why we recommend that you consider localization services any time you target a new internet audience.

Not All Localization Efforts Are The Same

In some cases all that needs to be done to localize a website is to adjust some date and time formats, and modify a bit of vocabulary. In other cases, it requires finding a completely new approach to your branding and messaging. Because of this, you must use good judgement when it comes to making plans to expand your website into new markets. Fortunately, not only do we provide the expertise for executing your localization efforts, we can help you create both short and long term localization plans that work for you.

Whatever is right for you, our localization experts will help to ensure that your web content respects culture and tradition, is relatable to your target audience, and evokes the emotional response that you want. One thing that many people do not realize is that in many instances a partial translation works best. For example, an audience might be perfectly comfortable when the main website content is in English, but prefer to have product descriptions and pricing in their native language.

Let us Work With You

We want your marketing efforts to work anywhere you are. Let us  help you to create localized websites that will aid you in developing important customer relationships.