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The process of translation presupposes work with the language only. But for digital products such as apps, it is necessary to go beyond it. That is why translations are not suitable here because app localization services include a wider range of processes and take the context into consideration. Of course, it is also important to support the technology part of any digital programs. This can be achieved with a technical translation that will deal with technical specifications and information for developers. But localization is the part of work meant for the end user of the app. It keeps the original functionality and design and makes it appropriate and conventional for the customer. When a team of professionals localize app, it is a very refined work of language, culture, and technology. Translators make the same mobile design for the target language so that a user perceives it as the authentic one.

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Why Your App Needs to Be Localized

Localization of digital products is one of the key strategies for entering the global market. Let’s review some of the main advantages of this service:

Friendly Interface for Users Worldwide

It is a must to speak to a user in their language. For those who wish to enter foreign markets it is necessary to localize an app so that it is attractive to locals and is culturally appropriate.

Access to Bigger Markets

Many digital projects start as small local startups for which one interface language is sufficient. However, at the point when they reach their maximum domestically, they need an app translation service to extend their user base abroad. Markets in other countries can potentially be much bigger and can lead to international recognition and foreign investments.

Increased Visibility in App Store

App market platforms such as App Store or Google Play strive to provide the best services for their customers. They improve their search engines to make sure a user finds a perfect match for their query. This is especially important for iOS app localization because the bigger number of languages supported increases visibility and indexation in the App Store. Also, user reviews are shown there only in a local tongue.

Higher Number of Downloads and Turnover Rates

When a service is available in multiple languages, it inevitably leads to a potential increase in user base. Thus, for those who want to make their app more popular localization services are vital to boost turnover.

Our Experts Provide Mobile Apps Localization on Any Platform

We know that the digital presence on multiple platforms is very important, which is why we support localization on any of the available ones. Our top specialists in app translation services can deal with technical parts and content regardless of complexity. Here is a short overview of the platforms supported by GeniusTranslation:

  • iOS App Localization: Language services for the iPhone operating system are one of the most popular ones. Among these, the ios localization takes the biggest share since the number of users on this platform is huge.
  • Android App Localization: Android is the most popular operating system in the world as it facilitates the work of almost all smartphone manufacturers other than those by Apple. Our outstanding specialists in android localization can work on projects dedicated to any industry.
  • Other platforms such as Windows, Linux, or web-based apps: Such platforms, although they are not mainstream, still find their customer and can offer non-standard solutions. When it comes to mobile app localization service, there is not much difference between iOS and Android. However, some web-based apps might require special attention if they are designed to be mainly used on laptops.

Why Professional App Localization Services Matter

One of the basic principles applied when designing an app is that it is intuitive for a user and easy to use. Any awkward translation of buttons or tabs can ruin this rule completely. This is why professional localization is obligatory for any app. Here are some of the advantages of utilizing services specialized in this field:

Professional native translators

It is important to make sure that users will be familiar with any concepts in the app and will use any functions intuitively. That is why while working with mobile app translation, native speakers make sure that all the content is conventional in the environment of intended users. This may not only apply to wording but also to visual formatting.

Cultural adaptation of user Interface

Culture is not merely the history, traditions, and art of a specific group. Rather it is the way one perceives the world. To make sure that users view the app the same way as it was made by developers, localization professionals find suitable means for design elements, graphics, and text to make the app coherent in a foreign cultural environment.

Industry-specific experts

Different types of apps require specific knowledge in a particular field. Our team of experts that provide professional localization services are certified professionals in a variety of fields, from business to healthcare and law.

Technical optimization and localization
Different countries utilize different ways of presenting the information. Professionals at GeniusTranslation delivering localization service know for sure what format of date and time, currency, and units of measurement are conventional in any specific country.

What Is Included in App Localization Project

Localization of a digital product is a complicated project that includes different types of work. In each specific case, a combination may be unique, but here are some of the most popular ones:

  • User interface. It is one of the basic parts of the work on the project. Specialists providing ios and android app localization need to turn all content from the original language into a target one. They also need to take into account conventional vocabulary used in similar products.
  • Marketing and promotional materials. Ads and promo text in the app also need to be localized to ensure a better user experience. This may also refer to marketing materials on social media and websites.
  • Product details and description. For apps such as marketplaces, it is vital to translate product details and descriptions. While doing it, one should keep in mind the units of measurement used in the target country.
  • Guidelines for Users. For an app, it is vital to make sure that customers know how to use it. So it is important that professional localization services translate manuals, guidelines, and visual tours for users.
  • Legal documents and User agreements. Customers of digital services need to be aware of their rights and obligations in regard to the app. That is why a legal language specialist needs to translate any legal documents that users agree to under the public offer.
  • Terms of use and privacy policy. GDPR sets clear restrictions on how users’ data can be used and how businesses should inform the users about it. So privacy policy is fundamental when you localize mobile app within the European Economic Area. Also, in the US, regulations on data may differ from state to state, and this should be taken into consideration too.
  • Info on Support and FAQ. The first thing you should think of when you localize your app is its intended user. That is why it is important to keep in mind that information for users such as contacts for customer support, some instructions, and FAQ, should be translated too.
  • Social media content. Social media is one of the best ways to promote an app. That is why when working on software localization, one should also consider translating the content on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Keyword and SEO optimization. To be recognized, it is important to appear on top of the search engine results. This is especially vital for those who want to reach global markets and attract customers from abroad.
  • Video and audio file translations. Some apps contain audio files in them, or audio may be used in visual tours. Top specialists working on app localization service need to take it into account and also translate those. For such a job, one would also need a dubbing specialist.
  • Tone of voice and brand positioning. One of the tasks of localization is to preserve harmony within the app while aligning to the brand’s tone of voice and positioning. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind cultural conventions. If the information in the app originally is in a very informal style, some slight shift of tone might be required for countries where communication is commonly more official.

We Provide a Wide Range of Language Services

Our company works in a variety of fields of language services. We do not only provide application localization but also translate texts, do voice-overs and dubbing, and support different multimedia projects. Our language experts also work in various narrow fields such as education, law, banking, and healthcare and provide certified translation.

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