Genius Translation App Localization Will Help You Market Your App to Audiences Everywhere

There are two steps required in making your app marketable in other countries. The first is the most obvious one. You must translate your in app text, marketing materials, app website, and any other related content to the languages relevant to your new audiences and locations.

The next step is one that many people never consider. This is localization. This is what makes your app relevant, relatable, and understandable to new audiences. It is also what guarantees that your marketing and branding efforts work well when you market your app in new locations.

Remember that people in different locations don’t just speak different languages. They have developed colloquialisms and idioms. They have grown to understand and embrace different traditions, adopted cultural icons all their own, and formed world views that do not fall into lockstep with people from other cultures.

Because of this, what is funny, what is offensive, even what is understood can be completely different. Imagine creating an app that allows family members to stay in contact with one another, and to synchronize their schedules. If you developed that app for people in the United States, you might use baseball as a bit of a theme in your marketing. For example, you could compare the app to a coach getting a family all on the same page and working together, just like they would a baseball team.

What would you do if you realized you could potentially market that app in another country? What if it became clear to you that nobody in that new marketplace understood let alone cared about baseball?

This is where our app localization specialists can help you. They can help you to localize your app content and all related materials so that it is relevant to new audiences, while also helping you to avoid causing unintended confusion or offense.

Remember That Google Play And The App Store Are Global Websites

They have localized versions so that people from all over the world can download and use the apps that they need. If your app is not localized, you cannot take advantage of this. Even if you make your app available to people in other markets, you won’t get the attention of potential customers unless you localize.

What Happens When You Order Localization Services For Your App?

Our localization professionals will review all of the written and spoken content related to your app. Then, they will help you to understand what needs to be done to localize this app for a new audience. This might mean changing vocabulary, updating in app messaging and instructions, and reformatting things. It might also require that you change color schemes, adjust the ‘attitude’ behind your messaging, and replace certain references with ones that are relevant to your new audience.

Finally, you can count on us to provide support in the future. Because most apps are in a constant state of upgrade and modification our localization services will help you to ensure that any bug fixes and enhancements are also made ready for local audiences.

Let us Help You Connect With New Audiences

If you are ready to market your app to audiences all over the world, we can help! Contact us today about app localization services.