What Are Software Localization Services, And Why Are They Important?

Software localization services refer to the process of adapting programs, applications, websites, or other digital products to suit the cultural requirements of a specific region. The activity aims to make digital products feel native to the end users by translating text, adapting user interfaces, adjusting functionality, addressing regional preferences, etc. It is important to understand why clients depend on localization services:

  • Expanding global growth: Language adaptation allows companies to reach a broader audience across countries.
  • Gaining competitive advantage: Companies face fierce competition. A great way for services to stand out is by adapting local languages.
  • Compliance with laws: Countries have legal requirements for programs, including accessibility standards.
  • Revenue generation: Translation can significantly impact a company's revenue.
  • Improving UX: Language adaptation enhances the user experience by providing digital solutions to native language speakers.

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Software Localization Process On Diverse Platforms And Devices

GeniusTranslation embraces the challenging yet essential task of finding the best digital solutions for both desktop and mobile devices. Our expansive network of subject-matter experts (SMEs), translators, and engineers will assist you throughout the entire process, particularly in programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, etc. We recognize that localizing digital media and programs lies at the heart of our technology-driven software translation expertise. We work hard to give our clients the best service they can find.

Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Graphic User Interface (GUI) refers to the visual elements as well as interactive components of a software application that allow users to interact with the program. When it comes to professional software localization services, GUI modification involves adapting the graphical user interface of an application to make it suitable for users who speak different languages or come from different cultural backgrounds. The goal of GUI adaptation is to ensure that the software's interface is appropriate for the target audience. Here are a few key aspects of GUI translation:

  • Language and Software Translations: The text displayed within the user interface elements, such as labels, menus, buttons, and error messages, must be translated into the target languages.
  • Cultural Adaptation: GUI translation also involves adapting the user interface to align with the target culture's preferences, conventions, aesthetics, etc.
  • Layout and Formatting: Final text may have different lengths compared to the source language.
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) Support: Some languages, such as Arabic or Hebrew, are written from right to left.
  • User Experience Considerations: During GUI adaptation, it's important to ensure that the localized interface remains user-friendly.

Agile VS DevOps Processes

Agile and DevOps are two related but distinct approaches to software expansion and project management. While they share some common goals and principles, they have distinct focuses and emphasize different aspects of the development process. In practice, Agile and DevOps are often used together by localization services, as they complement each other, leading to improved localized software delivery.


Agile is a software development methodology that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and iterative evolution. It emerged as a response to the traditional waterfall approach, which relied on rigid planning and sequential phases. Agile promotes adaptive planning, continuous improvement, as well as close collaboration between cross-functional teams.


DevOps software language adaptation refers to the process of translating DevOps and related documentation to make it suitable for use in different cultural contexts. DevOps is a set of practices that combines development (Dev) with IT operations (Ops) to improve collaboration, streamlining localization and its lifecycle.

Everything GeniusTranslation Has To Offer

Here are all the different software localization services GeniusTranslation offers:

Apps from various OS - iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux

Translating apps refers to the process of adapting an application to suit the language, culture, and preferences of a specific target market or region to ensure its effective service. This process involves adapting the user interface, content, and other elements of software localization tools to make them more accessible and relevant to users in different countries or communities.

Databases, Inventories, Storage, Assets

Translating databases, inventories, and other storage systems entails configuring a database system to allow multiple languages, regions, or locales. It involves designing a database to store and handle multilingual data and to accommodate variations in date formats, symbols, sorting orders, and other cultural differences.


Localizing firmware involves adapting the firmware software installed in computers to widen accessibility to people speaking multiple languages from various regions and cultural backgrounds. It enables the firmware to be used in a myriad of countries and linguistic environments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) adaptation refers to the procedure of modifying CRM software, systems, and processes to meet the specific needs of a particular region. GeniusTranslation is one of the few localization service providers that prioritizes making adjustments to various aspects of CRM, including language, cultural norms, legal translation service, and others.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Translation of enterprise resource planning systems is essential to ensure that they can effectively support business operations and comply with local laws. ERP system vendors often provide translation packs or modules specifically designed for different regions. These packs typically include settings, translations, and compliance features to facilitate quick adaptation.

Payroll And Billing Software Localization

Adapting payroll and billing software to meet the cultural and regulatory requirements of a distinct target market or region is a language adaptation of this software. Localizing your software involves translating the software's user interface, documentation, and other relevant content into the target language.


Last but not least, localizing websites refers to the complex activity of adapting a website's content, design, and functionality to suit the preferences of users in a specific target market or language. It involves adapting the entire UI to cater to a target audience, ensuring they can easily understand and engage with content in a way that feels natural.

Why GeniusTranslation Is The #1 Choice For Software Localization Service

With a long list of solutions that make our service an ideal choice for all software adaptation for various regions, here’s why you should choose GeniusTranslation:

  • Human translation and mobile app localization service - Human language adaptation is the method of modifying content or software products to a specific language, culture, and target market.
  • Experts from various industries - GeniusTranslation’s adaptation experts have extensive knowledge and experience with various types of content, such as applications, websites, marketing materials, etc.
  • Affordable prices - GeniusTranslation is a competitive and affordable professional translation and localization service provider. We have a large network of translators and can handle various content types, including websites, apps, and documents.
  • Quality control and testing - Our software industry approved language translation services follow different processes and measures to ensure accuracy, consistency, and overall content quality.

Other Services Offered By Geniustranslation

Versatile language services - Apart from our expert translation services, GeniusTranslation also provides website, game, and other digital media adaptation.

Translation services - Despite the variety of industries we are in, we remain one of the best software translation services in the linguistics arena.

Proofreading services - Not only are we leaders in the translation market, but we also provide in-depth proofreading services to customers that need them.

50+ languages - To give you an idea of our range of award-winning services, our professionals have technical expertise familiar with over 50 languages.

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