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Translation is the process of merely turning text from one language to another. However, it cannot always be sufficient enough for some projects, such as video games. So, in this case, one needs to order game localization services that will take into account all the nuances. The reason for this is that games contain narratives, and characters in them can joke or make references that might not be understandable for audiences from different cultures. It is always important for professional localization services to have native speakers involved in such projects to make sure they fully understand the context of the country for which it is targeted. Such work also requires a deep understanding of the game too. So to prepare it for the global audience, a language expert does quite an extensive and versatile job.

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What Is Included in Video Game Translation Services Project

Video games are a very complicated product. They are being created by a huge team of people who design every tiny detail that serves a specific purpose. That is why the localization process of a game is very challenging and has multiple layers. So for such projects gaming translation services attract several language professionals who deal with different parts of work. These include localization specialists, technical translators, a team for dubbing, and some more. Here are the services included in video game localization:

Translation of Game Content

Depending on the game, there can be many texts or dialogues between characters. Also, maps, names of places, and inscriptions in the visuals might need to be translated. For many professional localization service companies, games such as detective stories can be a challenge in this regard if there are riddles in poems or some references that can hardly be integrated into another language naturally.

Localization of Software and Media

Software and media that facilitate the game might also need to be translated. During the work on video game localization the language specialist will need to determine what parts of the project should be processed by different teams. Then the part of the software will be assigned to IT professionals.

Technical Translation of Gaming Documentation

Game technical documentation is another part of the content that needs to be translated. Such texts require top professionals in technical translation service to ensure that all terminology is accurate and standards are followed precisely.

Proofreading and Double-checking
The content in video games is vast, so it is obligatory to double-check, proofread and edit it. When working with game translations it might be necessary to repeat this process several times. Ideally, this should be done by native speakers previously not involved in the localization of it.

Transcreation of the Game

Video games comprise a narrative that contains cultural code and symbolism. So top language specialists in localization companies need to translate those hidden layers of meanings. This requires transcreation as the names of characters, places, and some references might be changed to preserve the original symbolism of the game.

Audio Scripts Recording

Sounds in a video game are as important as in movies. They help to create a certain mood, emphasize the atmosphere, or enhance the environment. This follows that during game translation the team of translators also works with audio files. They often need to dub the original dialogues by professionals.

GeniusTranslation Is One of Gaming Localization Companies Supporting Any Platform

Even if one game was released on several platforms, language experts might need to conduct some extra work on each of them as they can significantly differ in interface, control, and some important details. That is why for each individual system, a separate process of video game localization is required to be conducted. Here is a short overview of the platforms that we support:

  • Windows PC. It remains one of the most popular operating systems. That is why the industry of game development often puts its primary focus on releasing its products for Windows PC first. Probably its popularity is caused by the fact that computers on this operating system are also suitable for work.
  • Mac. The platform designed for Apple PC is a bit more associated with a device for work. However, it remains one of the top OS for game localization service for the majority of new releases. Its security features and user interface make it one of my favorite devices.
  • Linux. It is the most famous example of an open-source platform designed by Linus Torvalds. Although it is mostly associated as an OS for developers, Linus supports many pc games available on many other platforms.
  • Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U. This company releases consoles and video games. Nintendo is Japan-based, but they localize games globally.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One. Xbox is a series of consoles developed by Microsoft. It is one of the most popular gaming companies that target the home entertainment sector. Although both Xbox 360 and Xbox One have been released quite a long time ago, they remain widely used by those who enjoy playing games until now.
  • Sony PlayStation 4 and 5. This platform is very popular in the industry. Sony PlayStation is one of the most iconic consoles in global gaming world globally. Since it regularly introduces new models, any hot game releases are supported on this platform.
  • Virtual Reality headsets. This is a fairly new market in the industry. The playing process is more sophisticated and requires more details to be designed, so many video game localization companies now start to draw attention to it. Virtual Reality headsets are expected to take a big share of the market and eventually substitute other devices.
  • Games for smartphones. Unlike PC and consoles, games for smartphones give more flexibility for users to be played everywhere. The industry of mobile games is now booming globally. So more and more mobile game developers seek to localize their products for markets around the world.

What Makes Us Top Notch Game Localization Service

We strive to provide excellent language service and fit the needs of our customers. That is why we utilize effective practices and a transparent approach to our work:

  • Translation Empowered by Humans. We do not utilize machine translation. Our team worldwide provides professional translation services done exclusively by humans.
  • Industry-specific experts. We have professional language specialists in many fields. So be it medical or game translation services, it will be handled by an expert in this industry. This also applies to a wide variety of fields, such as law, finance, education, etc.
  • Quality Assurance and Test Checks. We check the translations and conduct quality control regularly. So be sure that our translation services online are top quality and error-free.
  • Affordable Prices. Our service is totally affordable. Developers can reach their target audience with our help without spending a fortune. We also have a money-back guarantee to ensure transparency and honesty.

More Services Offered by GeniusTranslation

Our company provides services in a wide range of industries. GeniusTranslation is one of the game localization companies where professional language experts work in a variety of fields and offer certified translation. Here are some of the other services we deliver:

Any type of localization services, including website, game, and software localization - We have extensive experience with providing website localization service as well as many similar projects for physical or digital products

All kinds of Translation services - Our team of specialists can deliver anything one needs with regard to language services. In any industry, be it video game translation or legal papers, we have top professionals who deliver top-quality jobs

Proofreading - GeniusTranslation can also do proofreading for texts in any specific field

50+ languages - We can help reach the global community as we support 50+ world languages

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