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The process of developing a game is complex. This is true for apps, console based games, internet games, and PC games. When it comes time to begin marketing and distributing your games in other regions, things can become even more complicated. You may have assembled an amazing team that is more than capable of developing amazing gaming experiences, but are you ready to make sure that new audiences will love your games just as much?

The answer to this question is probably, ‘no’. Yes, that may be difficult to hear, but the truth is most game developers have no clue about what needs to be done to turn a game into a best seller in another country or region. This is why the best gaming companies rely on localization specialists. These folks can do the work that your team cannot, and that translation software is simply not designed to do.

How Does Game Localization Work?

Unlike other forms of app or software development, creating a game is very similar to producing a movie. You  might employ storyboard artists, character developers, screenwriters, cinematographers, animators, programmers, and others to take a game from concept to reality.

When people play your game, they become immersed in the experience. This happens because they are able to relate to what you have created.

Yes, that is correct. Someone engaged in a first person shooter, flying an alien spacecraft, or playing hockey against computer simulated NHL legends can find elements in those experiences that they find relatable. These elements might include familiar environments, the use of popular phrases and references, and an overall sense of cultural familiarity.

Take these elements away, and user experience suffers. The result is that your game becomes significantly less interesting. If you try to market your game in new locations without using localization services you are going to have difficulties gaining much traction.
Consider this. You’ve created a multiplayer game that involves a simulated road trip. Players must work with one another to complete a variety of tasks, visit specific landmarks, and interact with locals. It’s extraordinarily popular, and distributors in other countries have shown a lot of interest in working with you to market your game.

The concept itself will work almost anywhere, but what about the specifics? Is a college student in India going to find the pop culture references, landmarks, and other elements in your game easy to relate to? Simply translating the game and related content to Hindi or another language doesn’t guarantee that audiences will want to play the game as is.

This is just one example. A game that isn’t localized could contain elements that are culturally offensive or simply not realistic in a new market.

Game Localization Specialists

If you work with one of our localization specialists, they will help you to determine how and where you will need to focus your efforts. They bring to the table their  understanding of local culture, values, standards, and common behaviors. This includes, but is not limited to use of language in a variety of settings.

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